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WordPress Must Like the Looks of Tumblr Because It Just Added a ‘Follow’ Button


There must be something in the water. First Facebook announced it would formalize its stalking function with a subscription feature. And today WordPress announced it will be adding a follow feature to give users another way to subscribe to a blog, in the hopes of driving traffic. It looks like Tumblr’s “follow” button only further down the page–and ends up in your inbox. Read More

Startup News: Tinyproj,, Foursquare, New Work City and an Automattic Party


ROLLING ALONG. “We are excited to announce there has been over 1,000,000 friendships made on Rolling.FM since our launch a little over a month ago!  Our platform has definitely become the music AND social discovery platform,” writes cofounder Nhon Ma in an email. Rolling is launching more social features–like “buy a drink,” whereby which users will be able to buy old and new friends “drinks,” and the enhanced profile browser to “view others’ playlist, photos, etc.”

I LAUNCHED DIS. Meet Tinyproj, an experiment from the prolific Kyle Bragger. “Hello. Tinyproj connects talented developers, designers, illustrators, and copywriters with folks who need a hand with paid, short-term* projects.”

IGNITE IT AGAIN. “Ignite NYC’s on 10/10. We will be announcing speakers this week. We have a room of 1,600 to fill, the largest evaaarrr!” Read More