The Future of the Ebook

Let’s Give Amazon the .Book Domain, That’ll End Well

Old school, meet new school. (

Hey, you know what sounds like a great idea? Giving the juggernaut Amazon any more of a stranglehold on the book business. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Author’s Guild, the Association of American Publishers and those poor bastards at Barnes & Noble are all raising hue and cry in opposition to Amazon’s attempt to stake out such generic top-level domains as “.book” and “.read,” saying it’s a threat to competition. Read More


Booting Up: Kids Think Your Computer Is Lame Edition

Dramatization. (Photo: Brutal Gamer)

Groupon has launched its own iPad payment system in hopes of rivaling Square. Good luck with that. [The Next Web]

Kids these days don’t want a stupid computer, ’cuz they’re for old people. [Wired]

A court has ruled that book scanning counts as fair use, much to the chagrin of the Author’s Guild. [Ars Technica]

Google has launched a large online museum called the Cultural Institute, boasting 42 different exhibits. [The Daily Dot]

A 25-year-old female Redditor has made it her mission to publicly out those she calls “Predditors” who post sexualized photos of women to r/creepshots without their consent. [Jezebel]

For the last time, please stop giving your startup meaningless, baffling names. [Wired]