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You Need to See These Smug Koalas Taking Selfies

This one's easily our favorite. (Instagram)

Step aside, Ellen, because a bunch of koala bears in a Sydney zoo have just become the new masters of selfie-taking.

As Australia’s The Telegraph reports, three koalas at the WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo at Darling Harbour are rising to stardom over their newfound obsession with selfies.

They’re not using iPhones (that would be really hard, given their oddly-shaped paws), but a Sony QX100 camera, which has been installed in their enclosure. The camera, which was reportedly installed a few weeks ago, consists of a small lens attached to a tripod with bendable legs — easy for wrapping around a tree branch. The koalas’ movements trigger the camera to capture images, which are then displayed on a nearby screen. Read More

Sure Okay

Some Retired IT Nerd Thinks He’s Literally Jesus Christ

Seems legit.

We’ve all met tech support guys who, upon being asked to accomplish the simplest task, acted like martyrs going to their death. But some former IT dude in Australia has taken it to the next level.

Sky News reports that Alan John Miller (who prefers to be called AJ, just like JC, GET IT?!), once an IT specialist, now runs a “religious movement” calling itself the Divine Truth, attracting 150 or so people to seminars at his home and inspiring people to move nearby.  He claims he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and, what’s more, that his partner is Mary Magdalene. Read More


Booting Up: RIP Facebook Democracy Edition

lol. (Photo: Social Times)

Apple has redrawn a portion of Maps to keep Australians from being led astray into the middle of nowhere. [The Guardian]

Despite the fact that 88 percent of respondents voted to keep the voting structure, Facebook has decided to nix it anyway. Democracy on Facebook is dead, not that it ever really existed to begin with. [TechCrunch]

Here is a rock musical about the life and times of John McAfee. [PandoDaily]

Children’s apps are still fooling parents about what kind of data they collect, including phone number and precise location. [New York Times]

Here’s Twitter’s 2012 week in review. Sadly it doesn’t mention how annoying all those parody accounts got. [Twitter Blog]