Crime and Punishment

James Holmes’s Online Dating Profiles Will Be Used as Evidence in Colorado Theater Shooting Trial

James Holmes, left, and his defense attorney, Daniel King, in June. (Photo: Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty)

The trial of James Holmes, the suspect accused of going on a shooting rampage in a Colorado movie theater, is in its beginning stages–and the suspect’s online dating activity may figure prominently into the prosecution’s case.

Mr. Holmes returns to court today for two weeks of hearings focused on evidence prosecutors may use against him, the New York Post reports. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Dark Knight Rises Composer Releases Song Online to Support Aurora Shooting Victims

What a sweetie pie (photo:

Hans Zimmer, the composer behind The Dark Knight Rises score, has released a song titled “Aurora” today to raise money for the theatre shooting victims.

People can download the song at after donating anywhere between 10 cents and $2,500, all of which will be given to the Aurora Victim Relief organization.

On his Facebook page, Mr. Zimmer said he recorded the ethereal, eight-minute song in London after he heard about the massacre. Read More

Planet Reddit

Covering Theater Shooting in Colorado, Reddit Becomes a High Speed Newswire

Aurora Massacre suspect James Holmes on CNN

Shortly after a black-clad psycho opened fire in an Aurora, Colorado midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises on Thursday night, killing at least 12 and injuring 50, Reddit users began racing to compile as much information on the tragedy as possible. In the process, the link aggregation giant became a real-time feed of raw data, much of the information accurate, some of it not, all of it published for a fully-engaged and active audience well in advance of any national news outlet. The Future Journalism Project on Tumblr defined it correctly as crowd-sourcing the reportage and noted some of the most organized efforts by Redditors: sequential, linked threads in the /r/news subreddit: Read More