Law and Order

Student Breaks Into Woman’s House to Browse Facebook, Pee on Her Couch

Facebook = heroin, apparently. (Photo: Howzzdat)

There are many ways to obtain Internet access, particularly as a college student in the United States. If you don’t have a laptop, you can always go to the university library, or borrow a friend’s computer. Or, if you’re an unidentified 18-year-old University of Georgia student, you can break into a woman’s house in order to chill on her couch and browse Facebook on her laptop. Read More

Planet GOOG

Hunger Games Superfans Uncover the Catching Fire Set on Google Maps

(Screencap: Google Maps, via

It’s not easy to find a giant patch of land that can be used as a cornucopia set for the upcoming film Catching Fire, part of the young adult sci fi trilogy The Hunger Games. The set, which requires a circular beach with thick jungle encircling it to stay true to the novel, also isn’t easy to replicate in a stuffy Hollywood studio. So the producers headed to a location with more space, with the cornucopia used for the games rumored to be in the Atlanta area. Read More