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Chinese Volunteers Eat Mealworms For 105 Days To See If They’d Make Good Astronaut Food

DINNER TIME. (Wikimedia Commons)

What a week it’s been for space travel! Yesterday, we told you about the Israeli group that’s trying to send the Torah to the moon. Now, let us share with you the tale of three Chinese volunteers who ate bugs for three months to see if they’d make good astronaut food.

For 105 days, three Chinese volunteers lived in a sealed-off biosphere and ate a diet consisting mainly of mealworms, the Daily Mail reports. Read More

Say Cheese

Even Astronauts Take Selfies

(Photo: Twitter/astroluca)

It turns out Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano does get to have some fun aboard the International Space Station. When last we heard from him, he was forced to perform his space chores like sweeping up moon dust and folding the space laundry. But now that those are taken care of, Mr. Parmitano is allowed Read More