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More About Vibe, the Anonymous Social Network That Doesn’t Want to Know Anything About You Except Your Location

Vibes at the Occupy Wall Street protest.

Down at the Occupy Wall Street protest in Zuccott Park a few blocks from Wall Street, Hazem Sayed is a popular man. Betabeat made Mr. Sayed’s acquaintance in front of a projection of messages posted via the Vibe app, a Twitter-esque platform that tags every message with a location but no other identifying information, and our conversation was repeatedly interrupted with queries about the Vibes being projected onto a screen that had been draped over the side of a halal cart. “Can I write something?” “Who wrote that?” The police had repeatedly torn down the screen when it was hoisted up on its own stand because they said it obstructed their view of the protest. “But tonight they seem cool,” Mr. Sayed said.

Mr. Sayed’s background is in civil engineering and architecture–he built Vibe in May, and its predecessor AskLocal in December, as a completely open forum for people to connect and post thoughts, items for sale, events, and the like. It’s a pro-privacy alternative┬áto the data mining social networks that have become so popular in recent years. “I’m not on Twitter, not on Facebook, not on LinkedIn,” he said. “I like anonymity, which is why I wrote this thing.” Read More