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Facebook Engineering Ringleader Says Zuck Is ‘Definitely Not a Dick’

"Ask me anything, but I won't promise an answer." (Photo:

In a fitting move for a company that’s all about the openness (whether you want that picture visible or not), today one of the key figures in Facebook’s nascent New York office took to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything Q&A utterly free of capital letters. So what did engineering manager Serkan Piantino have to say for himself?

Well, he defended his boss, though as a rousing endorsement of Mr. Zuckerberg’s many wonderful personality traits, it fell a little flat. Asked whether Zuck is, as The Social Network suggested, “kind of a dick,” Mr. Piantino responded, “he’s definitely not a dick,” then painted a picture of almost tragic workoholism: Read More

Can I See Some ID

Redditor Fakes Being a Police Officer at Occupy Wall Street for AMA Fame

The photo nypdcop submitted to "prove" his identity.

On Reddit, no one knows you’re a dog. An “ask me anything” request for a police officer assigned to work at Occupy Wall Street made it to the front page of that popular subreddit and last night, someone using the handle “nypdcop” came forward to answer it. Woohoo! The user even gave the incendiary answers protest-sympathetic Redditors were thirsting for: “I have seen a lot of questionable police tactics while working these protests and just everyday of the job. It’s just more people are here filming so it’s getting published more. This kind of stuff happens everyday. IE: The pepper spraying incident, etc.” Read More