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Here’s How I’m Spending the $589,660 I Raised on Kickstarter

I worked for many years in a corporate environment before starting Albino Dragon. In that time there was a vicious animal that always found its way into projects: scope creep. Let’s look at the what Wikipedia has to say about it first:

Typically, the scope increase consists of either new products or new features of already approved product designs, without corresponding increases in resources, schedule, or budget. Read More

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Ask An Expert: Meet Jonny Bauer, Chief Strategy Officer from Droga5


Today is our final installment of “Ask an Expert” and your last chance to get free tips from leading industry experts. We’re featuring Droga5’s chief strategy officer, Jonny Bauer. Droga5 has been named Agency of the Year three times and Jonny is responsible for building and overseeing strategy there, including all brand, digital, media and IP thinking for the agency. He is a member of the American Advertising Federation Advertising Hall of Achivement and a winner of multiple Effie awards, including one for the launch of JayZ’s book Decoded. Read More

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Ask An Expert: Meet Projective Space’s James Wahba


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Thanks for joining us last week for our first live video chat with our social media expert David Fudge, the Director of Brand Marketing at Bonobos. This week our expert, James Wahba, will be answering your questions on how to manage your real estate needs for your startup. James Wahba is the CEO and cofounder of Projective Space, a coworking community for over 60 tech startups with two New York-based coworking spaces. Projective Space’s past and present members include big name startups like Indiegogo, Eventbrite and Uber. Read More

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Welcome to Our Ask An Expert Video Series


Today Betabeat is launching “Ask An Expert,” a new video series sponsored by FedEx, where you can live chat one-on-one with leading industry experts in social media, real estate, law and brand marketing and get their advice on scaling your business.

We’re kicking it off with David Fudge, director of brand marketing for The company, which is backed by Accel Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Nordstrom, started with the simple idea of making better-fitting pants for men and is now one of the largest online apparel brands in the U.S.  Read More