Attention, Artistic Types: There Is Now an Open Table for Performance Spaces

Mr. Huttler (Photo: Twitter)

Despite all the New Tech City buzz and the thousands of practice and performance spaces scattered across the five boroughs, it appears no one had thought to develop a centralized platform allowing your scruffy downstairs neighbor to book a performance space somewhere in Bushwick next Tuesday. Not anymore, however. Behold, the most stereotypically New York of new platforms: NYC Performing Arts Spaces, a site wholly devoted to helping artists find and book practice and performance space.

An earlier version of ┬áthe site, which has been around for nigh on a decade, allowed users to search venues and their capabilities. But it served as more of a directory–you still had to pick up the phone to check availability.┬áThe new online booking system makes booking and paying online for one of 2,300 venues infinitely easier, thereby maximizing the amount of time your aforementioned neighbor can spend working shifts at Cafe Grumpy. Read More