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Octodad Is a Brilliant Kafkaesque Piece Of Art — And a Pretty Fun Video Game, Too

It might happen at a grocery store, it might happen in your living room. You reach out for some banal task, something you’ve done a thousand times before, only this time, it’s impossible. You’re body freezes, your mind locks up and a thousand horrible failures swirl around in your future . You don’t know how, but it’s all gone wrong, so quickly. Normalcy is lost to the ether. You look around you. You know that nobody else feels this way. They just do things. It looks so easy. And my god, they’re all looking at you because they know.  Read More

XXX in Tech

If You’ve Ever Sent a Dickpic, It Could End Up in a Bushwick Art Gallery Without Your Consent

"Baby you look so good at 11 a.m. on this fine Tuesday." (File)

Four women have banded together to take the stash of dick pics they received over the summer and channel them into art (as long as you consider a blurry, up-close shot of a penis art). Vice reports that the show, entitled “Show Me More: A Collection of DickPix,” will be like a walkabout of NYC penises, with 300 dickpix framed and featured at a Brooklyn gallery. Read More


Selfless Portraits: Strangers Draw Each Other’s Facebook Profile Pics, For Better or Worse

This reporter did not go into an art profession for very obvious reasons.

Your Facebook profile photo is one of the first things that people notice when they browse your profile. Whether it’s a meme or a picture of a cat or an actual photo of yourself, what you put in that little square space supposedly says volumes about who you are online.

Jeff Greenspan, an ex-Facebook employee who now works as BuzzFeed’s chief creative officer, wanted to find a way that people could connect with each other through the visual information they offer on their profiles in a clever and creative way. Along with his co-creator Ivan Cash and Rally Interactive, the two devised a plan to “let users celebrate each other” with a site called Selfless Portraits. Read More


How a Fake Press Release Convinced the Internet Banksy Had Been Arrested


Famously elusive street artist Banksy has not been arrested. His real identity has not been revealed. His name is not Paul William Horner.

But you’d be forgiven for thinking so. Earlier today, outlets like Jezebel, Complex and Death and Taxes published stories saying that Banksy had been arrested by British police. These outlets sourced their reports to a press release that purported to be from the BBC, posted on the press release hub PRLog. (The release has since been removed.) Read More

Meme Studies

‘Ecce Homo’ Restoration Lady Is Now Selling Art on eBay

(Photo: Ebay)

The amazingly botched restoration of the famous “Ecce Homo” painting, done by a Spanish amateur painter who turned a 19th century portrait of Jesus into that of a ghost monkey, took the Internet by storm this year, quickly becoming what is arguably the best meme of 2012.

Now, Cecelia Giminez, the painting’s infamous restorer, has waded back into the art world with some original work. The Daily Dot reports that she’s selling at least one piece, called “The Bodegas de Borja,” on eBay. Add that to your holiday gift guides. Read More

Gif It To Me

Michael Stipe Is Now The Simon Cowell Of GIFs


Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Mariah Carey have all taken brief pauses in their pop careers to now become reality show judges on The X FactorThe Voice, and American Idol, respectively. Although it’s not for a reality show, another 90’s icon, Michael Stipe, is getting in on the judging game.

He’s been elected to join the selection committee for “Moving The Still,” which of course is the world’s first GIF’s-only arts festival. The event is being put on by Tumblr as well as the art collection site, Paddle8, and will take place during Miami Art Week from December 4th to the 9th. Read More

It's All About the Bitcoins

Vending Machine Art Project Converts Euros Into Bitcoins

(Photo: Max F. Albrecht)

For his summer exhibition at Bauhaus University, German art student Max F. Albrecht turned an old vending machine into a Bitcoin vending machine. You feed Euro coins into the machine and it prints out a box with an link in it. Navigate to that link and you’ll see your bitcoin, which you can then send to whoever you want. Mr. Albrecht helpfully offers the case of Wikileaks as a worthy Bitcoin recipient. Read More

Email Pitches We Didn't Delete

Coolish Art-Up Sends Betabeat an Email


Haven’t used this app, but it sounds rad–New York-based Collectrium maybe has a bit of an inferiority complex with all the press about, Artsicle and other art-ups (COINING THIS –ed.), but a rep sent us a cogent pitch: It’s image recognition and QR codes for art, so you can snap a photo of a piece for later reference.

It’ll depend on execution and the comprehensiveness of the database, and I don’t know about this line: “Collectrium empowers the ‘inner curator’ in all of us,” but I’m down to replace my strategy of writing down artist names in a Moleskine and never consulting them again with a running catalog that might actually help me attain minimal fluency in art stuff and maybe lead to some cool posters on a wall. There are also easy revenue streams so it could potentially still be around in a year. Read More