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The Dumbo Arts Festival Wants to Fulfill Your Superman Fantasies

The experience, approximated. (Photo: Dumbo Arts Festival)

Fall is coming and, with it, events that don’t involve roast corn and hawkers of New York Times subscriptions. For the cultured and/or Brooklyn-dwelling among us, there’s the Dumbo Arts Festival, which kicks off in a month, on September 28th. Organizers have just announced that, for the second year in a row, it will feature an enormous, high-tech work of art, courtesy of sponsor AT&T and meant as a gesture to the neighborhood’s status as one corner of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle.

According to the announcement:

Superhero is an interactive projection mapping experience in which participants are transformed into superheroes. Festival-goers will be able to fly over the multi-story façade of the landmark Empire Stores, the massive former coffee house on DUMBO’s Water Street, as well as shrink and enlarge themselves, throw light beams, and more.

Now, if someone could develop the technology to make us look like Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises, that would be great.