Visiting Dignitaries

Netflix Paid for an Ostrich to Walk the Red Carpet at the Arrested Development Premiere

Ostrich. (Photo: Getty Images/Michael Buckner)

Last night’s premiere for the new season of Arrested Development, helmed by Netflix, brought out your usual gambit of stars. A scruffy Jason Bateman appeared, Portia de Rossi brought along her real-life YouTube video/wife Ellen Degeneres, and Jessica Walter still looks flawless since we last saw her.

But there was also an ostrich. It wasn’t a jokey reference from seasons past, and it wasn’t David Cross doing David Crossy things, like, say,dressing up as an ostrich. Nope, the flightless bird was sharing red carpet space alongside the stars of the Netflix-produced show, which premieres May 26. Read More

National Security

Gene Parmesan of Cybersecurity Wears Costumes and Tricks People Into Falling for Cyberattacks

(Photo: Facebook)

If you’ve recently received an email–not sent by your kooky aunt–with the subject line “Check out these kitties! :-),” you may have been the victim of a fake cyberattack. The Wall Street Journal reports that companies are hiring “ethical hackers” to build fake phishing scam emails to test which employees are dumb enough–or big enough cat lovers–to fall for them. Read More