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No, The San Diego Zoo Is Not Giving Away Free Monkeys on Craigslist

Not for sale. (Photo by Flickr)

Not even monkeys are safe from insufferable April Fool’s Day jokes. The San Diego Zoo found itself in the crosshairs of a ridiculous Craigslist hoax Monday when somebody named “Andrea,” who identified herself as the zoo’s chimpanzee trainer, offered to give away two baby monkeys for free.

Like most decent Craigslist deals, the free monkey giveaway turned out to be a fake. San Diego’s hard-hitting 10News team tried contacting the scammer (“Andrea” didn’t pick up her presumably banana-shaped phone) and the zoo confirmed that no, they don’t just give monkeys away on Craigslist. Read More

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Rumors & Acquisitions: You Will Rumor the Day


Special, fake rumors April Fool’s Day edition of the rumor roundup:

Tarallucci e Vino is launching a summer accelerator; free coffee and croissants for six percent equity. They refused to tell Betabeat when demos will be. “We’re waiting until the last minute to announce it,” a barista told Betabeat by phone. “Otherwise Y Combinator will schedule something on the same day.” Read More

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This April Fool’s Day in Tech


Fool’s Day pranks we like:

Reddit Mold
Reddit is making some money with this year’s gimmick, which lets users punk other users with annoying anti-features such as: gradually eliminating letters the pranked user is allowed to type; gradually eliminating the number of comments a user is allowed to see; and forcing the pranked user to see notes and comments from a special thread called r/basement/. Read More