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Bloomberg Reported to Announce Cornell the Winner of the $100 M. Tech Campus Bid

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Who knew a request for proposal to build a tech campus would offer such edge-of-your-seat drama? Late Sunday night, the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Bloomberg, and the New York Times all put out stories saying that Cornell won the bid to build a tech campus on Roosevelt Island. Mayor Bloomberg will reportedly make the announcement Monday.

This latest development caps a tumultuous 72 hours in the year-long process of trying to build an engineering mecca that would transform New York into the next Silicon Valley. On Friday afternoon, Stanford–widely thought to be a front-runner and openly courted by Mayor Bloomberg–abruptly announced that it was dropping out of the race. Hours later, Cornell announced an anonymous $350 million donation towards its applied sciences campus proposal. Read More

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NYC Tech Campus: Stanford Adds Alumni Starpower With Larry and Sergey

Cali, Cali, is coming, coming

You knew it was coming. Stanford is bring out the big guns as the final deadline approaches for New York City’s new applied sciences campus. In a video posted to StanfordNYC.tumblr, Google’s co-founders rhapsodize about their younger days as computer science PHDs.

“Larry had this crazy idea he was going to download all the links on the web and do something with them,” says Sergey Brin. “It wasn’t entirely clear what.”

“Google is an interesting story,” continues Larry Page. “It’s a good example of the benefits of pure research. We had no idea what we wanted to do.” Read More