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Bill Clinton Thinks Bloomberg’s Engineering Campus May Be Our Best Hope to Stop Unemployment Rioting

Perhaps a different mascot would help?

In a recent interview with Christiane Amanpour on ABCNews, Bill Clinton dropped a note of support for Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed applied sciences campus, which is currently the subject of a media tug-of-war between Stanford and Cornell.

But the context of the name-check was a little … odd. President Clinton was talking to Ms. Amanpour in advance of the Clinton Global Initiative annual conference this week, which will focus on the unemployment crisis. The meeting also happens to coincide with the Anonymous-supported “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations that took place this weekend.

“Let me ask you this then,” said Ms. Amanpour. “Mayor Bloomberg of New York has said this week that unless something is done to really address this unemployment problem there could be riots in the street, unrest.” Mr. Clinton’s response? Read More