Booting Up: Darth Vader Joins Instagram But His Selfie Technique Is Pretty Weird

Not how this works! (Photo: Instagram)

Cyber Monday sales exploded 20 percent higher than last year as more shoppers prefer the Internet over the mall. [Bloomberg]

Apple purchased Twitter analytics site Topsy for $200 million yesterday, but what they plan to do with it is clouded in mystery. One guess is that they’re going integrate it with iTunes Radio and alert “trending” music on the social network. [WSJ]

Facebook is rejiggering its News Feed formula to cut down on junk and emphasize high-quality news articles. [BuzzFeed FWD]

Here’s a peek into Betaworks’ long-term plans. [Digiday]

Darth Vader joined Instagram yesterday and took an alleged selfie that isn’t a selfie at all.  [Wired]


Booting Up: Up to 20 Million Accounts On Twitter Might Be Fake

Hmmmm. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

An independent researcher claims that there are 20 million fake accounts for sale on Twitter. [WSJ]

Apple has confirmed that it has bought 3D-sensor technology company PrimeSense for nearly $400 million. [AllThingsD]

Uber is helping drivers finance their new cars with a spate of new deals with auto manufacturers. [TechCrunch] is shutting down the “virtual DJ” portion of its website to focus on live events because that’s what the Internet needs. [TechCrunch]

Waze users now have the option of the directions being screamed at them by Kevin Hart and other assorted celebrities. [VentureBeat]

Teen Beat

Teen Pushes Apple to Change Its ‘Insulting’ Dictionary Definition of the Word ‘Gay’

Ms. Gorman (WCVB-TV)

If you were to look up 15-year-old Becca Gorman’s face when she saw how the word “gay” was defined on Apple’s online dictionary, it would be dismayed.

The Massachusetts teenager, who is the daughter of two gay parents, was outraged that the one of the meanings listed on her MacBook Pro laptop included the words “foolish (or) stupid.” The example sentence: “making students wait for the light is kind of a gay rule.” Alarmed and “insulted” that it looked like Apple was legitimizing the slang version of the word, she contacted the computer company to change it. Read More


Booting Up: Blame Princeton Students For Creating That “What Would I Say?” Facebook App

"Numbers are hard." (Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch)

Snapchat’s rejection of a multibillion dollar offer from Facebook was made “because they think making a deal now would leave many billions more on the table.” [New York Times]

LivingSocial is “ashamed and embarrassed” that its outage has lasted more than 40 hours. [AllThingsD]

That “What Would I Say?” app for cobbling your Facebook statuses together was a result of a Princeton Hackathon. [New Yorker]

Searching for a new hobby, Google’s Eric Schmidt has joined the board of The Economist. [Guardian]

Apple is requesting an additional $380 million in damages from its argument with Samsung over patent infringements but Samsung only wants to pay $52 million of it. [CNet]


Booting Up: Fab Amusingly Tells Employees Not To Get ‘Distracted By the Gossip’

Hates gossip and drama. (Photo: WN)

With Fab COO Beth Ferreria leaving, the company sent an internal email telling employees not to gossip about the flailing company. It was promptly leaked. [Bloomberg]

Google Glass is making itself attractive to the music industry by unveiling new features, including streaming music, searchable playlists and saying “listening to” will boot up a song. [New York Times]

Whoa, if true: Renderings of Apple’s new California headquarters are scary looking more than anything. [Wired]

Yahoo’s head of video Erin McPherson is jumping to Maker Studios. [AllThingsD]

People are mad over tabs on Yahoo Mail. [New York Post]


Booting Up: Amazon Just Ruined USPS Workers’ Day Off By Starting Sunday Delivery

No sleep on Sunday. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

This week, Amazon will introduce Sunday delivery via USPS in New York and Los Angeles. [Los Angeles Times]

Vox Media picked up the Curbed family of websites (including Eater) for an estimated $20 to $30 million in a mix of cash and stock. [New York Times]

Apple is rumored to be developing two new, curved phones that range from 4.7 to 5.5 inches which is a perfectly FINE size. [Bloomberg]

Netflix and YouTube now account for nearly half of your broadband service during primetime. Notably, Hulu and Amazon trail far behind. [AllThingsD]

The most interesting part of this story is that of course Airbnb has a Head of Global Hospitality position. [Skift]


Booting Up: Square Has a 75-Year-Old ‘Granny’ Adviser

Twitter? (Photo: AllFacebook)

Square regularly asks for advice from a 75-year-old “granny” of an employee. [WSJ]

If you ignore Patch, AOL might finally be making money from its content verticals. [AllThingsD]

Twitter employs a Postmaster in charge of all those pesky emails that you’re regularly bombarded with. [TNW]

Apple sent a takedown notice to, a site that helps customers track the whereabouts of their devices, because it violates the site’s TOS. [The Verge]

Facebook is testing a Trending Now module to ensure that those words becoming meaningless. [AllFacebook]


Booting Up: There Are Supposedly Now Four Google Barges Ready to Invade America

These buggers. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Apple CEO Tim Cook threw his support behind the Employment Nondiscrimination Act in an op-ed. “At Apple, we try to make sure people understand that they don’t have to check their identity at the door,” he wrote. [Verge]

There’s supposedly four mysterious Google barges (not three) with the latest rumor being that it’s to showcase Google X projects beyond Glass. Self-driving cars showroom, anyone? [Glass Almanac]

It’s going to take a lot more than redesigning flagship Yahoo products to save the company, employees grumble. [New York Times]

Google CEO Eric Schmidt called the NSA hacking allegations “outrageous” if proven true. [Wall Street Journal]

The YouTube Music Awards attracted roughly 220,000 concurrent views and sounded pretty boring. [AllThingsD]


Booting Up: #Underboob Is Now Researchable On Instagram

Ruined everything. (Photo: Apple)

Buoyed by strong iPhone sales, Apple reported a $7.5 billion profit on $37.5 billion of revenue in the fourth quarter. [TechCrunch]

Instagram has un-banned racy hashtags #thinspo, #underboob and #dildo. Sadly, #pen1s still appears to be blocked. [The Data Pack]

One Kings Lane is rolling out its own in-house line of bedding and towels. A shower curtain will set you back $69. [Wall Street Journal]

Google Glass owners will be available to swap out their current devices for a newer version, which now fits over prescription lenses. Also, you can invite three friends to the Explorer program. [Ars Technica]

There’s a “Social Media All Stars” event at Disneyland and Grumpy Cat will be there, so avoid the area on Nov. 5. [Laughing Squid]