Intriguing Rumors

Rumor: Apple to Release 4-inch iPhone 6 to Better Accommodate Women’s Pants


If we had to guess Apple’s secret motto, we’d definitely bank on, “The newer the iPhone, the bigger the screen.” Hell, when my new iPhone 6 finally arrived in the mail, I officially gave up on ever carrying a phone in my pocket again and headed straight to the closet for a purse.

It looks like Apple is taking iPhone users’ number one half-complaint (half complaint because we love using the big screen, but it’s just not as practical for carrying as it is for watching Netflix) into consideration. Rumor has it that the company may be releasing an iPhone 6 with a four-inch screen in the near future. Read More

Walled Garden

Apple’s New Security Settings Are Designed To Scare You Into Paying Up

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.00.46 PM

Recently, this writer was sick of being about two Mac OS updates behind and decided to snag himself the free Yosemite upgrade. Then, the first time I went to install a new app that wasn’t right from the app store, I was hit with an unfamiliar message.

I was told that I was not authorized to open certain apps on my own computer — that in order to install them, I’d need to manually override my Mac’s security settings. Which apps are perfectly okay? The ones that you buy through Apple and the vendors it “identifies.” This is the new default standard for Mac users. Read More

IT Support of the Universe

Survey Shows Over 97% of Tech Support Pros Use PCs

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.04.21 PM

IT pros have a stigmatized reputation of being mostly white, mostly male nerds who talk over our heads and never see the light of day. But when it comes to how they use computers — and which computers they use — we should probably pay attention. After all, they are the experts.

A new survey of IT pros shows that 97 percent are using either just a PC or both a PC and a Mac for their work, with only 3 percent using just Macs. This can likely can be explained by IT professionals who deal exclusively with Macs. On the other hand, a full 13 percent of Mac technicians don’t use any antivirus software, as opposed to a negligible two percent of PC users. Read More

Made In China

iPhone 6 Goes On Sale in China to Minimal Excitement

The Apple Store in Beijing's Sanlitun shopping district. (Wikimedia Commons)

New Yorkers might have lined up for days leading up to the iPhone 6’s launch, but the gadget’s debut in China — which happened Friday morning — doesn’t sound like it was met with the same level of enthusiasm.

A mere 100 customers lined up outside the Apple Store in an upscale Beijing shopping district to pick up their pre-ordered new iPhones, the Wall Street Journal reports. The paper also described the event as “decidedly low-key.” Womp womp. Read More

Wait Before You Update

Apple Pulls First iOS 8 Update Hours After Its Release

Medical advice at your fingertips (Screengrab: Youtube)

It was only a week ago that iPhone users took to Twitter to complain about iOS 8.

Today, there’s a new trending iOS topic, and it’s no better. Users are tweeting complaints about the assortment of major problems iOS 8.0.1 unleashed on their phones, because in case you haven’t heard, Apple’s first iOS 8 update crashed and burned. In fact, the update caused so many problems that, today — on the same day as its release — Apple pulled iOS 8.0.1. Read More

Privacy is Dead

Tim Cook Defends Apple’s Security in Wake of iCloud Hacks

"I <3 privacy." (Wikimedia Commons)

Earlier this month, a number of nude photos were leaked stolen from the various celebrities’ iCloud accounts, leaving many questioning whether Apple products are really as secure as they thought. Though he doesn’t explicitly reference the hacking scandal, Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the company’s website on Wednesday to publish an open letter affirming Apple’s commitment to users’ privacy, as well as detailing new security measures. Read More