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iPhone 6 Goes On Sale in China to Minimal Excitement

The Apple Store in Beijing's Sanlitun shopping district. (Wikimedia Commons)

New Yorkers might have lined up for days leading up to the iPhone 6’s launch, but the gadget’s debut in China — which happened Friday morning — doesn’t sound like it was met with the same level of enthusiasm.

A mere 100 customers lined up outside the Apple Store in an upscale Beijing shopping district to pick up their pre-ordered new iPhones, the Wall Street Journal reports. The paper also described the event as “decidedly low-key.” Womp womp. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Snoop Lion Now Has an App, But It’s Instagram He Really Loves

A card from the Reincarnated Track Notes app.

“I’m still Snoop Dogg. Snoop Lion is an extension of Snoop Dogg. He’s the fine-tuned Snoop Dogg, the perfection of Snoop Dogg in so many words.”

The fine-tuned version of Snoop Dogg showed up an hour late to last night’s panel at the Soho Apple Store. Given that he’s Snoop, though, that’s basically the same as being on time. When he finally strolled onstage, he was wearing a leather jacket and leather gloves, despite the warm spring weather. Also, sunglasses. At 9 p.m., inside the Apple Store.

He wore them the whole time.  Read More

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Whoops! New Apple Store Said to be ‘Almost Unbearably’ Loud

Now more hackable. (Photo: Monday Note)

At the end of October, Apple unveiled a new Palo Alto store. You’d think that a company famous for its attention to detail would lavish special care on a new showcase just a couple towns over from Cupertino. But while it sure is pretty, Apple’s latest, greatest glass temple to minimalism is apparently louder than the most ear-splitting high school cafeteria.

Former Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée stopped by recently, and he did not like what he found: Read More

Complaint Department

Is ‘Apple Store Fever’ Trashing the Macy’s Flagship?

What are we, Lemon--farmers? (Photo:

The Macy’s flagship at Herald Square is currently in the process of a long overdue top-to-bottom renovation. She’s still a grand old lady, with her wooden escalators and gleaming elevators, but her finery was starting to look a little tattered and we wouldn’t want the place to eventually degrade into a Miss Havisham squatting next to Penn Station, now would we?

However, the New York Times reports that the proceedings have at least one preservationist a little alarmed. On a recent visit he noticed that the columns in the Broadway-facing “Great Hall” are missing their marble, and the chandeliers are gone. And upon whom does Theodore Grunewald cast blame for these developments? Apple, of course: Read More


Apple Fans Invade Fifth Avenue Flagship Store to Celebrate Steve Jobs’s Birthday [Video]

Steve Jobs would've

Today would have been the 57th birthday of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer in October, 2011. Fans have taken note by trending birthday wishes on Twitter and celebrating at the Apple store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Brendan McElroy and Seth Rogers, who the Post dubbed “a pair of Mac-obsessed entrepreneurs,” set the event for 3 to 5 p.m. today and planned quite a party. Or, as Mr. McElroy termed the event on Twitter, quite a “guerilla bday party“: Read More

The Tao of Steve

World’s Biggest Apple Store in Grand Central Slated for a Big Announcement on Tuesday

A work in progress as of Friday (via TechFoote)

It’s hard to keep the development of the world’s largest Apple store under wraps when it’s happening in a building with 750,000 daily visitors. But the company is trying.

On Friday, 9to5Mac reports that dozens of construction workers and corporate reps were on hand prepare for an announcement expected tomorrow. Surprise! You know that Apple Store that’s been religiously photographed and filmed for months? It exists!

Tomorrow’s presentation is likely to make public the news of a grand (pun intentional) opening on Black Friday or later Thanksgiving weekend.

Read More

Tao of Steve

Man Tests Apple Store’s Limits With Pet Goat, Wife

Anyone who’s ever made an appointment at the Genius Bar is probably familiar with Apple retail store’s eagerness to please. Hell, they’ve even barred the word unfortunately from the employee lexicon, much less any hint of customer criticism.  You dunked your iPhone in the toilet? Sounds like it was very thirsty, sir. To determine whether Apple store employee’s agreeability knows no bounds, comedian and writer Mark Malkoff devised a series of four tests which he performed in various NYC locations. How did Apple training hold up against challenges like watching a customer order and eat pizza, romance his very tall wife, request help with iPhone while sporting full Darth Vader regalia, and walk in with a pet goat? Maybe a little too well . . . Read More