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Error In Apple Maps Causes Motorists to Drive Across Active Airport Runway

The major error. (Photo: BBC)

It’s been roughly a year since Apple released its botched Maps app and it’s still ruining lives. Most recently, drivers in Alaska were (mis)directed to drive across an active runway at Fairbanks International Airport as the app mistakes it for a regular road.

The BBC reports that the airport had to close the road that had been accidentally used by three motorists since the flaw was discovered on the app. A complaint filed by the airport to Apple says the app directs people to drive across the runway, rather than a nearby taxiway.  Read More


Booting Up: Okay Can We Stop Talking About Maps Now?

Whoops. (Photo: The Amazing iOS 6 Maps)

John McAfee is back in the U.S. Where he goes now is anyone’s guess. The Vice offices, maybe? [Washington Post]

Google Maps is available once more on the iPhone, so please adjust your excuses for lateness accordingly. [Google]

Also, before you download the app, please take a moment to enjoy this video of Apple Maps getting Bilbo Baggins lost in L.A. [Daily Motion]

Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates will now be helping advise Khosla Ventures’ portfolio companies on government affairs. [TechCrunch]

NBD, North Korea’s new satellite is just careening around space right now. [Gizmodo]

Rural England is now getting government-subsidized broadband, a tidbit you can trot out next time your ISP disappoints you in any way. [BBC]


Booting Up: RIP Facebook Democracy Edition

lol. (Photo: Social Times)

Apple has redrawn a portion of Maps to keep Australians from being led astray into the middle of nowhere. [The Guardian]

Despite the fact that 88 percent of respondents voted to keep the voting structure, Facebook has decided to nix it anyway. Democracy on Facebook is dead, not that it ever really existed to begin with. [TechCrunch]

Here is a rock musical about the life and times of John McAfee. [PandoDaily]

Children’s apps are still fooling parents about what kind of data they collect, including phone number and precise location. [New York Times]

Here’s Twitter’s 2012 week in review. Sadly it doesn’t mention how annoying all those parody accounts got. [Twitter Blog]

Map for That

Police Warn Against Using Apple Maps After It Strands People in Middle of Nowhere Without Food or Water

(Photo: Vic Police News)

After getting rid of Google Maps on iOS 6, Apple’s own attempt at maps was so terrible it inspired a mocking Tumblr and even an apology from CEO Tim Cook. Now, it seems, the police are getting involved.

According to a release published to the Victoria Police Department website, several people have gotten stranded in the middle of a national park without food or water after attempting to follow Apple Maps’ directions to Mildura, a regional city in Australia. The city is actually located almost 45 miles away from where Apple Maps lists it. Read More

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Jealous Apple Might Not Approve a Google Maps App for iOS 6

Ex-Apple VP Scott Forstall (Photo:

All teenagers know that the best way to dethrone the popular kid is to not invite him/her to your party. Anyone needing proof of this needs only to look at the climax of Mean Girls, when Cady Haron doesn’t invite Regina George to her house party. Following that principle, it comes as no surprise that Apple, the akward new kid, might not give app store approvalto a new Google Maps app that works with iOS 6. Apple Maps is the newer and less popular kid at school and it wouldn’t want the homecoming king to come back anytime soon.

iPhone users can still bookmark the Safari page for Google Maps, but a standalone app would be better than any mobile web version, and definitely better than Apple’s flawed offering.

Keeping Google out might be good for Apple’s popularity, but is its inferiority complex hurting users? Read More


Booting Up: Mark Zuckerberg Hurt My Feelings Edition

Social web billionaires have resorted to playing poker with dogs for cash. (Photo: Facebook Poker Chip News)

Poor social web billionaires are losing some of their millions. [Forbes]

Read the awkward IM conversation of some guy whose feelings were hurt by Mark Zuckerberg. [Business Insider]

Apple Maps got a makeover on iOS6, but…[Macworld]

…it still sucks. [Anil Dash]

The Philippines has outlawed cybering, which sounds funny at first, but actually it’s to protect millions of young women forced into working as cam girls. [BBC]

Moo, a business card startup, has acquired all of the assets of New York-based [TechCrunch]

The inevitable tech backlash in San Francisco has begun. Hey Bay Area engineers, we hear there are tons of companies in NYC desperate for your skillz. [San Francisco Magazine]

There's a Map for That

Amazon Releases Its Own Maps API: ‘Hey Guys, We Can Totally Do This Map Thing Too’

(Photo: Amazon)

When you think of Amazon, what comes to mind? Ebooks, next-day delivery and the Kindle probably float to the top, but what about maps? Not so much. But it turns out the online retailer wants to also nudge its way into the map game.

Today Amazon announced the release of the Amazon Maps API in beta, which allows select developers to integrate Amazon’s mapping technology into their own apps on the Kindle Fire. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

The iPhone 5 Says Get Lost New Yorkers

Sorry, Russia! (Photo:

Our Apple overlords finally announced the arrival of the iPhone 5 this morning and we couldn’t be more excited to shell out another $200 for the privilege of owning an annorexic version of something that we already have. But there’s a major problem with the iPhone 5 that’s much sadder than ending your press conference with an acoustic Foo Fighters performance. Google Maps is going away with the introduction of iOS 6 and will be replaced with Apple Maps.

Oh, what’s that? Everything Apple makes is perfect and works seamlessly into your life? Not if you’ve enjoyed using your phone to get around the city. Read More