Funtimes at Foxconn

Foxconn Shuts Down Factory After Workers Riot

Mr. Cook at a factory in Zhengzhou ( via Apple)

Foxconn decided to close down one of its factories in central China this morning after a riot took place in the factory compound late Sunday night, according to the New York Times. The plant in the city of Taiyuan employs about 79,000 workers and the brawl involved 2,000 of those employees. Reuters spoke to a Taiyuan plant worker who said that the factory is one of the plants assembles and makes parts for Apple’s iPhone 5.

No workers died in the riots, but three were put in critical care. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Should A Broke New York College Student Upgrade To The iPhone 5?

Unhelpful map.

Holding the new iPhone in your hand on launch day feels really special. It’s dumb to say that, but it’s true. Eyes dart in your direction, you get smiled at by strangers. It’s kind of awesome. An Italian tourist approached us and asked, with a sparkle and a hint of desperation in his light blue foreign eyes, “How is it?!” Unfortunately, honesty compelled us to shrug and say, “eh, it’s okay.” He looked back at us like we stole all of his luggage and killed his first born.

The truth about the new iPhone is just that, it’s okay. It’s fine. But as a poor miserable college student who doesn’t make that much money, we wondered if it’s worth the upgrade? Let’s say you’re not a stat-obsessed freak and you’re not that addicted to upgrading–you’re just a regular iPhone owner. Is it worth it for you to make the switch?  Read More

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The iPhone 5 Says Get Lost New Yorkers

Sorry, Russia! (Photo:

Our Apple overlords finally announced the arrival of the iPhone 5 this morning and we couldn’t be more excited to shell out another $200 for the privilege of owning an annorexic version of something that we already have. But there’s a major problem with the iPhone 5 that’s much sadder than ending your press conference with an acoustic Foo Fighters performance. Google Maps is going away with the introduction of iOS 6 and will be replaced with Apple Maps.

Oh, what’s that? Everything Apple makes is perfect and works seamlessly into your life? Not if you’ve enjoyed using your phone to get around the city. Read More

U Mad Bro?

Apple-Loving Indonesia Is Very Sad to be Passed Over in the Asia iTunes Debut

What do they have to do, Apple?! (Photo:

Earlier this week, Apple rolled iTunes out to 12 Asian nations, including Singapore (Eduardo Saverin, sans Snoop Dogg singles no more), Vietnam and Cambodia. However, several big countries did not receive invitations to the iTunes par-tay, including both China and India. Understandable, since adding a couple billion new users is probably something of a logistical challenge.

But of those that were left out, it’s Apple-crazed Indonedia that’s the most devastated by this insensitive act of neglect, reports the Wall Street Journal, resulting in widespread “disappointment and confusion.”

What must Indonesia do to prove its love, Apple? Fans have: Read More

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Mac Users Are More Easily Persuaded to Part With Their Cash, Orbitz Realizes


Even as we speak, you are leaving digital bread crumbs scattered all over the Internet, there for the taking by marketers. Nor do the details have to be anything particularly consequential to translate into a money-making opportunity.

For example: Orbitz has realized that customers who visit its site from a Mac tend to spend more money on hotels. The company is therefore adjusting its search results accordingly.

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