Apple in Your Eye

How Apple Turns New Hires Into Emotion-Manipulating Sales Ninjas

A nest of emotional ninjas. (Photo:

Many Mac owners have, at one point or another, found themselves forlornly waiting at the Genius Bar, on the verge of tears, desperate for someone to just fix the problem, as quickly and as cheaply as possible. An hour later, you walk out of the glass doors, wallet a couple hundred dollars lighter but spirits lifted because that dude in the blue shirt was just so understanding.

Well, he ought to be, because it sure sounds like Apple puts a lot of  work into turning new hires into emotional ninjas. Over the course of two weeks, they’re transformed into psychological warriors–bent on extracting your cash from your wallet, using “empathy.”

At least, that’s what we’re left to conclude from this Gizmodo expose of the super-secret training manuel for newly hired Geniuses. The highlights: Read More