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Remain Calm! Instagram Releases Monthly Active User Number

REMAIN CALM. (Photo: screencap)

When Instagram released its new terms of service back in December, users flipped their shit so hard that many of them swore they were giving up the service entirely. But anyone actually live up those promises? The New York Post said so. Based on stats from AppData, which only counts accounts linked to Facebook, the paper reported that daily active users had dropped from 16.4 million to 12.4 million as of December 29.

But those numbers got so much coverage that Instagram, which rarely pulls up the curtain, felt compelled to counter claims it’s hemorrhaging users. AllThingsD reports the company has added a number to the list of stats on its press page: 90 million monthly active users. Boo-yah? Read More


Airtime’s Massive PR Launch Quantified: Full-Court Celebrity Press Conference = Just 150K Users

Olivia Munn, Joel McHale, Julie Louis-Dreyfus, Ed Helms and Jim Carry at the Airtime launch.

There were perhaps 100 print, online and TV reporters drinking coffee and eating parfait at the press event in Chelsea last week. Media from Bloomberg, CNN, the Associated Press and the New York Times down to GigaOM, Business Insider and BuzzFeed were there for more than an hour watching a mini-parade of celebrities take the stage. Now that Airtime has been out for a week, we can assess the results of that massive press push. Read More

Be Like the Virus

Zynga Insists More Ads Will Save Draw Something


Pictionary-like game Draw Something continues to endure a steep decline in players. AppData reports that since March, the number of users logging into the app via Facebook has fallen from 14.5 million a day to 7.6 million, almost halving Draw Something’s daily active users.

With interest in the game quickly ebbing, the Wall Street Journal reports today that Zynga is attempting to justify the $183 million it spent to acquire Draw Something and its parent company OMGPOP by tacking on yet more ads to the flailing game. Because if there’s one thing game players love, it’s ads, obviously. Read More

Summer Jamz

Turntable.fm’s 400 K. Users Don’t Really Listen While They Work

turntable gorilla

Turntable.fm, the addictive music streaming site that lets you DJ to a live, virtual audience, has 400,000-some monthly active users according to AppData–an astonishing feat for a (not even!) two-month old start-up. But the hype around Turntable may finally be settling down. The number of monthly active users appears to have plateaued in the last week, and the number of daily active users is down from a high of 49,892 last Sunday to 41,865 yesterday. Read More