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Google Axes ‘Boyfriend Tracker’ App for Being Way Too Stalky

The app. (Photo: Facebook)

For many Brazilians, learning that the NSA was using its high tech tracking methods to invade their privacy left them rightfully outraged. But when similar spying technology is concocted for home use in an app that can track the whereabouts of a straying mate, who gives a crap about privacy?

Recently, an app called Boyfriend Tracker became a sensation in the South American country with 50,000 downloads in just two months. Read More

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‘Spreadsheets’ App Measures How Loud You Moan to Determine If You’re Good at Sex

"Lol sorry for ejaculating prematurely." (Photo: Spreadsheets)

Here at Betabeat, we’ve always said the key metric for determining a good sex partner is the decibel at which they shriek during intercourse.

Now a new app called “Spreadsheets” promises to help you quantify all of the things that supposedly add up to satisfying sex–such as the number of thrusts and the pitch of your scream–to determine whether or not you’re good in the sack. (Hint: if you need an app to figure this out, you’re probably not.) Read More

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College Was Just Ruined By a New App That Exposes Fake IDs

Mmmm, beer. (Photo: Facebook)

Showing up underage to a bar with a fake ID is always a gamble no matter how legit your cousin’s old card from Ohio looks. But there’s a new app called BarZapp that is going to ensure the house always wins. Using the phone’s camera, it scans the card’s magnetic strip for decode if there’s actually information stored on it so that piece of laminate black tape isn’t going to cut it anymore. Read More

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City Unveils Exciting New App That Lets You Refill Your Parking Meter

Fancy parking meter. (Photo: Flickr)

Be gone, parking meter anxiety!  Today Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled  a new app that lets users refill their meters remotely, thus eliminating the debilitating mental condition of worrying when the parking meter maid is going to strike next.

The free pilot program is currently being tested on nearly 300 meters in the Belmont neighborhood of the Bronx, according to a press release from the Mayor’s office. The New York Post notes that the initiative was announced in 2009 but is now finally being deployed. Read More