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Cameo Will Now Let You Convince Your Parents You’re A Professional Videographer

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 8.40.18 AM

Last October marked the launch of Cameo, an app that lets you edit your crappy, amateur smartphone footage into high-def, professional-quality videos, and share them with your friends and followers. The app has reported big success in its first three months of life, proving that maybe there’s actually a market for videos that aren’t just shaky thirty-second shots of cats freaking out over printers. Read More

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Startup Rundown: Tyra Banks’ Wallet Smizes at a New Startup and Uber Makes Your Friends Share Your Cab Fare

Viewfinder makes your photo albums super pretty and organized

Feast your eyes on Viewfinder Head to the App Store to check out Viewfinder, the sleek, newly updated photo-sharing app developed by a team of ex-Google and Microsoft folk. The app conveniently organizes your photos by date and location, and allows you to “dial through your memories” with a really cool, easy-to-use scroll-y device. You can also privately share your photos and instant messages with other Viewfinder users—like a more personal version of Instagram or Facebook. Maybe Viewfinder’s trying to make a subtle hint to hipsters posting photos of their vegan eggs benedict to Facebook: not everyone needs to see that. Read More

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Shockingly Offensive Trayvon Martin Game Pulled from App Stores Following Backlash

A screenshot from the demo video of "Angry Trayvon," which has since been removed from all app stores.

A totally tasteless smartphone game called “Angry Trayvon” has been removed from app stores following public outcry and a petition protesting the offensive app.

The game—the demo video of which we were able to watch before it was taken down—stars a hoodie-wearing, knife-wielding, shadowy-faced protagonist fighting villains on the streets of various cities. According to the video, players could “Fight in historic cities like Brooklyn, NY,” “Collect money and wallets to increase [their] score” and “Eliminate the bad guys with flying daggers.” It was previously available for download in both the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Read More

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Apple is Giving Away $10,000 to Someone For Doing Absolutely Nothing

This all could be yours?

Did you wake up today thinking that winning a $10,000 iTunes gift card could help your crappy life? You’re in luck! Apple is giving away that awesome prize to whoever downloads the 50th billion app at its store, which is expected to happen sometime later today. Just like your third-grade softball league, Apple is also giving away a $500 gift card to those who come in second through 50th place after it reaches its goal. Read More


Developers: Don’t Push Any Updates to the App Store Right Now, Cause It’s Apparently Kinda Busted

Basically. (Photo:

We leave the Internet for 24 hours, and this happens: Something is seriously wrong with Apple’s app store. As in, if you updated Instapaper or Angry Birds Space HD Free yesterday, there’s a good chance it just crashed upon launch. Users are having to perform clean installs, while developers are dealing with annoyed users who assume the fault lies with the app itself.

No one wants to do either of those things while recovering from a holiday hangover.

Instapaper creator Marco Arment kicked up the initial fuss with a rather disgruntled blog post. As he tells it, no sooner had Apple approved the latest Instapaper update than Mr. Arment received a flood of customer complaints that the app was no longer working. He wrote: Read More

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Forget the Filters, Animate Your Photos with Gifture


The humble GIF has seen a renaissance in recent years, even evolving, in some cases, into an arresting artform. Now Gifture, which just hit the App Store today, hopes to make them into an entertaining alternative to the smartphone snap.

When Gifture’s press release first landed in Betabeat’s inbox, the sight of an Instagram-like interface and the prospect of yet another social mobile photo app left us unimpressed. Then we clicked through to a sample post, only to find a charming animated image of Astoria’s elevated train at night, flickering like a silent film. Downloading the app, we discovered an feed filled what appear to be members of the Gifture team: designer James McDonald bellyflopping onto a bed; business development brain Erik Stern doing a goofy dance outside an Apple store.  Read More