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Website Claims Apple Developers Are Trying to Form a Union

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If a labor organization forms and only reporters follow it, is it for real? Earlier today, SiliconBeat reported on a new website called App Developer Union ostensibly launched to organize iOS developers burned by Apple’s policies–just days before this year’s WWDC. The site also has an accompanying Twitter (@AppDevUnion) and an attendant hashtag (#appdevunion). But so far, its only followers are four tech reporters, including us, and a men’s lifestyle blog.

As SiliconBeat noted, the domain’s registration information on WhoIs is listed as private. Of course, that doesn’t mean that their grievances don’t ring true. It’s quite possible that interested developers might be nervous about publicly signing up for the cause. After all, Apple’s had an uneasy relationship with developers for years. Back in 2009, Marco Arment said of their reluctance to answer questions at WWDC, “We could probably have a more open discussion with Kim Jong-il about North Korea‚Äôs nuclear policy.” Read More