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BuzzFeed Publishes Style Guide, Teaches Us How To Spell ‘Vine-ing’


Somewhere in between publishing all those crazily addictive and horribly inaccurate quizzes (we are SO not the cheers beers emoji), BuzzFeed published a style guide. They’re hoping to standardize the way we write stuff on the Internet. 

The style guide clarifies important spelling-related quandaries, like “baby daddy, baby mama (two words),” and “chocolaty (not ‘chocolatey’)” (we’re not sure if we agree with that one).  It also outlines the acceptable terminology for covering various specific, relevant topics, like LGBT issues, music and recipes. Finally, it outlines an extensive corrections policy. Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

AP Twitter Account Hacked, Hackers Post Fake Tweet Claiming Explosions at White House


Perhaps you were sitting on Twitter a few moments ago and saw a heart-stopping tweet from the AP: “Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured.”

Luckily for everyone who prefers not to live under martial law, it’s bullshit. The AP’s official comms team has already confirmed the account was hacked and the report is false. The AP’s account has already been suspended.

The hackers of the Syrian Electronic Army have already claimed responsibility on Twitter. “Ops! @AP get owned by Syrian Electronic Army! #SEA #Syria #ByeByeObama,” the group’s official account tweeted. It’s the same bunch of jokers who previously hacked CBS News.  Read More