Sweet Ring Tone

Can We Get Phone Alarm Stress Disorder into the DSM Please?

I'm TWEETING THIS! (Photo: Getty)

New York Magazine writer today coined a new term–phone alarm stress disorder–and we’d like to see the symptoms added to doctors’ handbooks, please (or at the very least to WebMD).

Most people who use the alarm clock function on their phones have experienced PASD at least once. It’s the phenomenon that occurs when you hear the sound you’ve selected as your alarm, but during regular waking hours, being used as some sadist’s regular ring tone. Read More


Having Workplace Nightmares? Let’s Talk.

He's having a nightmare about letting the gazelle get away. Again. (Photo: flickr.com/wwarby

Dreams are serious business. That’s the contention of this Forbes article, which attributes almost Jungian importance to our nightly mental wanderings.

The piece cites Layne Dalfen, who runs Montreal’s Dream Interpretation Center, who says that “Recurring dreams and nightmares happen because your subconscious is trying to get your attention.” Those messages, however, might require a little decoding: Read More