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Mayoral Candidates Sound Pretty Skeptical of Regulation-Skirting ‘Disruptors’

The candidates. (Jukay Hsu, via Instagram)

As New York City considers its options for mayor, Silicon Alley is biting its nails at the prospect of a post-Bloomberg world. And last night, four candidates–former councilman Sal Albanese, former Congressman Anthony Weiner, comptroller John Liu and former Bronx president Adolfo Carrión–appeared at the Museum of the Moving Image to pitch themselves to the tech industry, in a forum organized by the Coalition for Queens. (Front-runner Christine Quinn declined to show.)

And, well, they gave it the old college try. Read More

What Twitter Taught Us

How Many People Have Seen Anthony’s Wiener by Now?

Source: capitalnewyork.com

Rep. Anthony Weiner finally admitted to being the twit behind the crotch shot blasted from his Twitter account last week, but the story just won’t die. “I am deeply sorry I lied about this, but at the end of the day, I lied because I was embarrassed,” he sniffed during a 27-minute press conference that was as excruciating for the audience as it was ignominious for the speaker, in part because conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, who broke the story of the mistweet, hijacked the podium, Kanye-style, demanding “vindication.”

But if Rep. Weiner was embarrassed about a photo that was visible for 12 minutes before he erased it, he must be mortified now. Read More


Conservative Twitter Group #BornFreeCrew Warned Young Women Away From Weiner


Andrew Breitbart might have been the one to expose Anthony Weiner’s weiner to the world, but a certain swath of social media also saw it coming. A group of self-described conservatives who dubbed themselves the #bornfreecrew took up the cause of warning young women away from the Congressman’s Twitter followers. In public tweets, they contacted women they believed to be “school girls,” like 21-year-old Washington State college student Gennette Cordova, and urged them to keep their distance from Rep. Weiner. In fact, user @patriotusa76, whom we identified last week as Weiner-troll for following both Ms. Cordova and Rep. Weiner (and tweeting at the representative 287 times), is part of the group. @patriotusa76, who identified himself as Dan Wolfe online before deleting his Twitter account due to intensive media scrutiny, was the one who discovered the photograph. He retweeted it, shared it with his fellow #bornfreecrew patriots and their honorary mascot, Mr. Breitbart, who leaked it publicly the next day. Thereby unleashing the Weiner sex scandal they predicted. Read More

Kickstart It

Kickstarter for a Twitter Scandal: Weinergate Documentary Fundraising Now

weinergate doc

Weinergate: The Impotence of Liberal Journalism will feature interviews with the bloggers and Twitter users who excavated the evidence of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s mis-fired dick pic tweet last week by digging through metadata in the file, analyzing the tweets before and after the incident, uncovering an odd loophole in the yfrog photo uploading service and generally being weird and obsessive. You can help better preserve this watershed moment in citizen journalism by joining the 12 backers who have contributed $965 so far to the campaign, which has 9 days to go.  Read More

Privacy Police

Anthony Weiner Admits to Numerous Inappropriate Online Trysts

Image from CBS news

Weinergate came to a dramatic close this afternoon. The New York Congressman admitted to having sent inappropriate and X-rated messages and pictures to as many as six women he met on Facebook and Twitter.

The crotch shot that began the entire affair, says Weiner, was intended as a direct message. Realizing what he had done, Weiner says he panicked, and decided to claim he was hacked. Read More

What Twitter Taught Us

Plot Thickens: @RepWeiner Says Crotch in Pic Could Be His, as Internet Sleuths Up New Evidence

weiner mic

Rep. Anthony Weiner’s new lawyer should just tell him to shut up and let Twitter do the talking.

Technology seems to support Rep. Weiner’s story that some hacker was responsible for tweeting a picture of a crotch in briefs at a 21-year old girl from the congressman’s official account, and the congressman has enterprising bloggers, Twitter users and commenters to thank. Read More

Buy Local

Crotch Pic-Tweeting Congressmen Will Appreciate This: SecretSocial Launches


“Social is not another word for public,” says Westchester and Montreal-based SecretSocial, which just launched an app similar to Dogpatch Labs-based The Fridge, allowing for private conversations between individuals or groups that aren’t saved. SecretSocial’s uses Twitter, email and SMS to invite people to the private conversations. Your information is only retained for the length of the conversation, SecretSocial promises, and is never sold to advertisers. We’re sure they’ll figure out some other way to monetize! In the meantime, suspected crotch photo tweeter Rep. Anthony Weiner may want to check this out.