Roll Out

Squarespace Debuts a Commerce Offering

Snazzy! (Photo: Squarespace)

Another big move from Soho-based Squarespace: Today the company is launching a commerce offering for digital and physical goods, which will allow Squarespace users an integrated option for selling whatever they want through the platform.

CEO Anthony Casalena said the reason was pretty simple: Demand. It’s been “the number-one most-requested feature across the platform for half a decade.” Read More

After the Storm

Why Did SquareSpace’s CEO Haul Diesel Up 17 Flights of Stairs? Anything Less Would be ‘Lame’

One of the Fog Creek volunteers, buckets in hand. (Photo: Squarespace)

When Hurricane Sandy smashed into lower Manhattan last week, customers of the data center Peer1 faced the prospect of major downtime. Just a blackout would’ve been no problem. But when the basement flooded, it took out the pumps that transport fuel from the reserve tanks to the generators on top of the building. That’s where Squarespace CEO Anthony Casalena came in.

“I wake up Tuesday, I live in Soho,” said Mr. Casalena. “There’s no reception. There’s no power, so all the cell towers are dead.” Somehow a couple of messages snuck through to his cell phone: “Anthony there’s a major problem at Peer1, the basement’s flooded, they can’t access any reserve fuel, we have 12 hours.” He hurriedly packed a bag and started walking downtown. Read More