Anonymous Puts the Times on Notice With #OpNYT

No, seriously, you should expect this.

Anonymous has pretty much had all it can take of The New York Times’s bullshit and it’s not going to take it anymore. That’s the upshot of this “Anonymous Declaration of #OpNYT” posted on Pastebin sometime late yesterday. #OpNYT certainly sounds ominous, but as Gawker’s Adrian Chen noted in a tweet, “Anonymous’ press releases get somehow get longer-winded every time.”

This long-windedness makes it tough to parse what the eternally seething hacktivist collective is trying to say. In this instance Wikileaks, Stratfor and HBGary are all name-checked before the declaration segues into, inevitably, the Orwellian global surveillance system currently loathed by privacy activists everywhere, TrapWire. The Times’s minimal coverage of TrapWire (a system apparently controlled by the Cubic Corporation, which is referenced below) appears to have pushed Anonymous’s “epic invective” button: Read More


#OpPedoChat: Anonymous Tackles Pedophile Websites

You'd think this was expected.

Websites devoted to positive discussion of pedophilia have long flouted the Internet’s love of “free speech” and provided backends for pedophiles to trade child pornography. Among those who study cyber crimes this isn’t a new phenomenon at all–what may be surprising is that it took this long for Anonymous to overtly target pedophile-interest websites the way they’ve targeted large corporate interests and oppressive governments. With #OpPedoChat, Anonymous has jumped in the frayRead More