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Crowdfund Your Hat Designs and Watch Someone Else Test Your Electronics

I have no idea what I'm doing. [photo:]

Hat tricks The newly launched Hatmatic site does for hats what Converse did for me in ninth grade – it lets users meticulously design every part of their own hats. But it’s also a crowdfunding platform so people can “tip their hat” (a.k.a. vote) for their favorite designs to get a limited run. If a design manages to get 36 hat tips within 72 hours, it’ll go into production. And since they’re partnered with New Era, you know you’re getting some sweet headgear. But that also means that, right now, Hatmatic is limited to the MLB logos they’ve licensed. Hope you like baseball teams in technicolor. Read More

startup rundown

Startup Rundown: Brooklyn Tech Triangle Takes on New Startups, and Apple TV Takes on More Vampire Porn

Ultimate first-world problem solves: You can now watch True Blood on Apple TV

Brooklyn Tech Triangle welcomes new startups As New York gears up to overtake Silicon Valley in the quest for total tech domination, NYU-Poly and the New York City Economic Development Corporation have announced plans to develop a 10,000 square foot tech incubator for startups. Nestled within the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, the Clean Technology Entrepreneur Center will support 20 innovative startups “focused on solving urban challenges of sustainability, energy and resilience,” according to a statement. It’s set to open this fall on the 19th floor of 15 MetroTech. Read More

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iPhone Users Spend More Time on Their Phones, Make the Worst Dates

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Finally, a reason to maybe date an Android user! According to data from Experian Marketing Services, iPhone users spend 26 more minutes on their phones per day than Android owners, clocking in at an hour and 15 minutes of phone use compared to Android users’ 49 minutes.

Despite the devices’ touch-and-go keyboards, a big chunk of that extra time is spent texting: Android users spend just under eight minutes a day texting, while iPhone users spend twice that at 17 minutes. iPhone users must make for absolutely riveting dinner company, then. Read More


Booting Up: Android Is Probably Going to Overtake iOS By October

The Boot is BACK.

Apple is ramping up signing labels for the upcoming launch of its iRadio streaming music service. [TechCrunch]

By October, Android is set to takeover Apple in becoming the world’s most popular app platform. [The Telegraph]

Mozilla and Foxconn are partnering to produce no more than fewer than five devices because that’s what we need. [TNW]

A New Zealand court ruled that Megaupload creator Kim Dotcom should get back some of his seized property because the police were overzealous in confiscating things before deciding if they were relevant to the case. [Naked Security]

Townsquare Media Group is relaunching three defunct Aol Music blogs if you missed reading whatever “The Boot” was. [AllThingsD]

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Helpful New App Keeps People From Sleeping With Their Cousins

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Don’t you just hate it when you’re at a party and start making out with a cute guy or girl, only to later discover at a family picnic that they’re actually your cousin? As it turns out, accidentally hooking up with a relative happens so frequently in Iceland that there is an official database, called Íslendingabók or “The Book of Icelanders,” that traces the family lineage of 720,000 Icelandic citizens. Read More


Booting Up: Does Yahoo Want Its Very Own Video Site?

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Twitter now has a broadly worded patent on its own service, but the company pinkie swears it won’t go patent trolling. [The Verge]

Yahoo’s reportedly in negotiations to buy a big stake in the video site Dailymotion. Does someone have a little GOOG envy, hmm? [Wall Street Journal]

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch, who was thought to be in the running for Adobe CEO, was named Apple’s VP of technology. Given the animosity between the two companies, we’re going to guess he won’t be invited back for employee happy hours. [AllThingsD]

But is he any good? Or is he a “bozo”? [Daring Fireball]

Google is expanding Fiber to the suburb of Olathe, Kansas. And here we thought cities owned the 21st Century. [Kansas City Star]

“Android has outgrown Andy and honestly, I don’t think he knows where to take it next.” [The Verge]


Booting Up: It’s Now Easier for Developers to Sell Themselves to the Highest Bidder


This week Pinterest introduced a web analytics platform, while Twitter stepped up its ad insights game with more details for marketers. Really looking forward to seeing even more wedding dress ads. [Ad Week]

Twitter has also reportedly acquired the music delivery service We Are Hunted and plans to build a standalone music app. Can we get some Vine soundtracks going, here? [CNET]

To face Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination claims, Kleiner Perkins has hired the same guy who represented Facebook against the Winklevoss twins. [Wall Street Journal]

Blame Google+ for the fact that you are losing your Google Reader, effective July 1. [The Next Web]

A startup called DeveloperAuction has raised $2.7 million to build a site where talent can literally auction themselves off to the highest bidder. sign up and if they’re picked as one of the site’s top 150 job seekers in a particular month, be deluged with interview offers from companies. That’ll do wonders for the Valley’s skyrocketing salaries, sure. [VentureBeat]

Chrome honcho Sundar Pichai is now going to lead Google’s Android team, as well. Former Android boss Andy Rubin is going to stay at Google and do something that maybe involves moonshots. [Google]