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color app

I couldn’t find this stupid Color app in the Android App Market. Apparently Color is available for Android, but it’s being overshadowed by ColorNote Notepad Free, Kids Doodle, ezPDF Reader, Extended Controls, QR Droid, Color Flashlight, Twisted Colors and about eight billion other apps with or without the word “color” in the name.

Finally I found it by searching the words,”WARNING: DON’T LAUNCH COLOR ALONE,” from the description. It had 173 reviews for a combined 1.5 out of five stars, with opinions ranging from “worst photo application ever” to “very lame and doesn’t work,” and “force quits like it’s its job.” Maybe that’s just the curse that strikes when, as a lonely nerd Android user, you launch Color in front of your computer alone. Everyone who’s launched it with friends has had an immaculate climax. Read More


App Knockoffs Thrive On Google’s Watch


Google’s “automatic approval” policy for the Chrome Web Store and Android App Market is great for growing the number of available apps. But the low barrier to entry also means developers can sneak in with apps that are malicious or buggy.

It also means developers can coast on someone else’s good name. Read More