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The New New Tech Writing: Straight Up Penning Poems About Stuff

How much do we love thee, Drew Houston? Let us count the ways. (Photo:

There’s the gadget liveblog, the multimedia-heavy feature and the bloggy, snarky take. But as we near the end of 2012, we may have reached the last possible evolutionary stage of tech writing: just fucking penning some poems about stuff.

Dealbook nailed the approach with shining limericks about business news; Googler Andrey Petrov, whose riling ode to Twitter aptly deemed the company “the Benjamin Button of Startups,” set the bar high for poetic programmers everywhere.¬†Now, prolific TechCrunch scribe Josh Constine has taken the baton. Read More


Googler Waxes Poetic About Twitter, the ‘Benjamin Button of Startups’

Mr. Petrov (Photo: G+)

Tech writing can sometimes lack a certain je ne sais quois. Pumped with technical jargon like so many steroids pulsing through the blood of Lance Armstrong, it can be difficult to make product reviews and spec reports as moving as a piece of literature.

But goddammit if Googler Andrey Petrov isn’t going to try.

On his Google+ page, Mr. Petrov–a software engineer at the GOOG–penned a heartfelt ode to the rise and fall of the mighty Twitter. What might become of a once-great startup that turned a blind eye to the suffering of its outside developers, allowing the very API lifeblood they require to survive to dry up like a rain drop on hot summer pavement?

Mr. Petrov knows. Relax, pull up a chair beside the fireplace and allow him to regale you. Read More