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Bitly CEO Not Surprised Twitter Finally Bought Its Own Tweet-Marketing Group

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Twitter announced yesterday that it’s acquiring Gnip, a company that analyzes tweets, Facebook likes and Tumblr reblogs for marketers.

It seems like an obvious move. Why should Twitter sit by and let third-party companies profit from its massive content output without getting in on the fun? Still, marketing groups like Gnip have been profiting from social media companies for some time. Twitter is only the most recent in a line of tech startups trying to get in on the action.

Bitly, too, sat on its own database of social behavior data for years before recently making moves to license it. So Bitly CEO Mark Josephson isn’t surprised by the Twitter acquisition. Read More


You Can Now Use Twitter Analytics to View the Gut-Wrenching Lameness of Your Tweets

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Good news, Twitter users: you can now analyze the popularity (or total lameness) of your tweets for free!

The Next Web reported this morning that Twitter has opened its analytics platform to the general public, free of charge (until now, the feature was only available to Twitter’s advertising customers). Now, if you log on to and click  “Timeline activity” under the “Analytics” tab, you’ll see a comprehensive chart showing the favorites, retweets, and replies each of your tweets has received. You’ll also see an interactive timeline charting your mentions, follows, and unfollows on a day-to-day basis. Also for your benefit, the site lets you download your analytics into an Excel spreadsheet. Read More

Mainlining Metrics

Tumblr Users Can Now Get a Real Deal Analytics Platform [UPDATED]

Hipstblr (Photo:

One of the great frustrations of Tumblr has long been the unavailability of rather basic metrics–a major problem for a company that wants to be a hub for the world’s creators and brands, as well as a sophisticated advertising option. (It’s hard to get marketers to do much without offering access to some sweet, sweet ROI metrics.)

Soon, however, all those brands with purdy pages will have access to a real-deal analytics dashboard. That is, if they work with Tumblr’s preferred partner. In an announcement released today, the site has crowned Union Metrics as its preferred analytics provider.   Read More

Funding Fun

Bitly CEO Peter Stern Says the Company Has Not Raised $20 M. [Updated]

Peter Stern, Bitly's CEO (

UPDATE 5/17: Bitly CEO Peter Stern reached out to Betabeat Thursday to dispute much of what was reported in The Verge yesterday. “While I would be delighted to report that we raised a significant amount of money, I’m not in a position to report that just yet,” said Mr. Stern, who did acknowledge that he is in the process of raising funds, but said that has been true since he started his tenure as CEO. The company raised a $1.4 million convertible note in March.

Mr. Stern said Bitly is at work on a consumer product, but the company is not yet willing to discuss it. Last October, Bitly blogged about developing a real-time search engine that lets the company “see into the future.” However, Mr. Stern said, “A Bitly revamp is in the works, but it doesn’t include a viral search, which is only available for business customers.”

Link shortening service Bitly is moving up and out–literally and figuratively. According to The Verge, the company moved out of Betaworks’ offices this week into its own space, and has also landed $20 million in new funding. Read More