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How to Ruin Your Wildly Successful TechStars Demo: Fudge Facts on Stage

Mr. Gaal

You know what they say about karma, so don’t make us repeat it. It looks like good intentions backfired with Karma, a 4G hotspot provider initially founded in Amsterdam that presented this morning at TechStars Demo Day.

In press materials for the spring class, Karma’s one-line descriptor was: “Simple, honest 4G provider,” a sentiment repeated throughout its introductory blog post. But shortly after Demo Day ended, Travis Kalanick, the CEO of request-a-ride car app Uber, tweeted that Karma’s CEO Robert Gaal had not been honest in mentioning a partnership with Uber during the company’s pitch in front of crowd of more than 700 at Webster Hall. Read More

Tweet the Public

Airlines That Will Ignore You on Twitter

Don't tweet us, we'll tweet you.

Had a flight delayed due to rainstorm Irene? Perhaps you experienced something like this! American Airlines,* AirTran, Continental and United did not respond to customer inquiries on Twitter during the influx of questions caused by the storm, according to New York-based customer service clearinghouse STELLAService. TL;DR press release: “If you were one of the unlucky airline passengers stranded due to Hurricane Irene, be thankful you weren’t flying on American Airlines.” Read More