Patently Absurd

New Patent Law Might Invalidate Business Method Patents Altogether

Let there be light, and let me patent it.

This is a guest post by Steve Rubin, a patent attorney specializing in computer science at Dilworth & Barrese.

The America Invents Act became law last week. It is touted as creating jobs and fostering innovation. Those are great sound bites. However, a close read of the Act reveals it will hurt innovation and will be especially harmful to startup companies. In fact, the new law leaves open the possibility that an entire class of patents may be invalidated by corporations with the money to lobby Congress. Read More

Privacy Police

Take Special Care With Your Customer Data. If This New Online Security Bill Passes, You Could Be Sued

The Senate is just not feeling terribly benevolent towards tech startups this week, it seems. First the America Invents Acts weigh in favor of those who can afford fleets of patent lawyers, and now a new bill to protect consumer data online is taking a punitive approach towards companies that experience a security breach, perhaps deservedly so. Read More