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Rumor Roundup: The Winklevoss Twins Do Burning Man and Zady Has a Launch Party

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Fashion, turn to the left Wednesday night, Betabeat ventured down to the Bowery for a party celebrating the launch of Zady, the anti-fast-fashion startup founded by Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bédat. Attendees tended toward the leggy, and the bar was serving “moonshine” cocktails. At one point, we watched a meticulous mustachioed man line up an iPhone shot of a piece of paper on the wall, printed with the party’s official hashtag.

“‘Stealth’ mode is such a terrible word,” said Ms. Bédat (a patterned clutch from their holiday line-up tucked under her arm) when we asked about the company’s hush-hush birth. “Working on things quietly!” she corrected. Read More


Everything We Know About the Google Love Triangle That Sent a VP Packing and Ended Sergey Brin’s Marriage


(See updates at bottom)

Yesterday evening AllThingsD broke the news that one of Google’s top VPs was departing the search giant for Xiaomi, a company widely regarded as China’s answer to Apple. It seemed a strange and sudden move until this piece of news surfaced in tandem: Mr. Barra was reportedly involved with a fellow Googler, and that Googler is now dating 40-year-old married Google cofounder Sergey Brin. Read More