The Way We Live Now

It’s Not Your Fault You’re Addicted to the Internet–Blame Your Genes

Sure you are. (Photo: xkcd)

Sometimes, it feels like the Internet is one big, never-ending challenge to one’s powers of self-control. Sure, you could sleep… or you could watch two hours of Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix. (Theoretically, of course.) Cleaning out your closet is one option… and this slideshow of “20 Dogs Who Don’t Want the Summer to End” is another.

But if ever you find yourself unable to disconnect for an entire day, perhaps you can take some solace from this report, which says that yes, Internet addiction is a real thing and, what’s more, it’s rooted in your genes. It is, therefore, not your fault that you can’t ignore your FarmVille game for more than a day without getting itchy palms.

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