Alec Baldwin’s Twitter Account Dies So, Like Jesus, Alec Baldwin Can Have His Twitter Resurrection

How happy is this man right now? (Photo: Hulu)

As Betabeat continues our ’round-the-clock Alec Baldwin Twitter Fiasco coverage, we have reached a crucial breaking point: in the wake of his being ejected from an airplane for playing Words For Friends when he wasn’t supposed to, Mr. Baldwin—the Glengarry Glen Ross actor who once called his 11 year-old daughter a “rude, thoughtless little pig“—has left Twitter. And plans on coming back. Read More

IP Uh Oh

The Zynga Pre-IPO Alec Baldwin Effect Question: Answered, Affirmatively

What's the term IPO MANIA worth in Words With Friends scoring?

Yesterday, the world took note of a revolution brewed in the skies—or ten feet from an airport gate—when Glengarry Glen Ross actor Alec Baldwin stood up for an entire populace of belligerent, gadget-tethered humans and revolted against the oppressive goosestepping of flight attendants who want you to turn your iPad off when airplanes taxi out of runways. He did it by refusing to stop playing Zynga’s ‘Scrabble’-copycat, Words With Friends. Read More