Booting Up: The Syrian Electronic Army Rings In the New Year By Hacking Skype

Wealthy man, Mr. Cook (Photo:

The Syrian Electronic Army didn’t take the day off yesterday. The hacker collective took over Skype’s website and Twitter accounts warning people that they’re being spied on. [Daily Dot]

AllThingsD is dead, ReCode is alive. [New York Times]

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s salary last year is more than you can ever imagine despite taking a ten percent pay cut. [BGR]

Winamp isn’t dead after all. Aol is reportedly selling it and Shoutcast to Radionomy, a Belgium-based aggregator of radio stations. [TechCrunch]

The alleged hackers behind the Snapchat’s massive leak of usernames and phone names explain that they did it to “put public pressure on Snapchat to get this exploit fixed.” The app still hasn’t publicly commented on the flaw. [The Verge]

rumor has it

AllThingsD Editors Reportedly Near Deal With NBCUniversal to Fund New Site

Shades on. (Photo: Google+)

When AllThingsD completes its diaspora from parent company News Corp. early next year, NBCUniversal is reportedly going to invest in the revamped, renamed tech blog and conference business.

Bloomberg reports that a deal has been struck among editors Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher and the Comcast-owned company to bring over much of its current staff when the website starts anew in January.

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Booting Up: FCC Might Allow In-Flight Calls Because the FCC Hates You

Soon? (Photo: SarahPAC/Flickr)

Gilt might file for an IPO in early 2014…or could delay it until early 2015. Guessing is fun! [AllThingsD]

This might be the nine worst words in the English language: “FCC to consider allowing cell phone calls on flights.” [CNN]

Spotify has secured $250 million in fresh funding, which values the company slightly north of $4 billion. [MarketWatch]

NBCUniversal is reportedly taking a “minority stake” in Kara Swisher’s new tech site. [New York Times]

Let’s high five a million angels because HBO Go now works with Chromecast. [USA Today]


Rumor Has It That Vivian Schiller May (Or May Not) Be Twitter’s New Head of News

Her Twitter picture. (Photo: Twitter)

AllThingsD is reporting that NBC News exec Vivian Schiller is switching her allegiance from one bird to another. She is a “lock” for Twitter’s head of news position and the deal is “all but done” for her to join the social network, writes the website.

If the deal is completed, sources told AllThingsD that Ms. Schiller will take a “significant period” of time off before joining Twitter. In her role, she will serve as a liaison between the San Francisco-based website and press agencies. Read More

Oh Snap

Snapchat CEO Loves the Ephemeral Nature of Your Dick Pics

Saddest sentence ever. (Photo: Hashgram)

Welp, guess we’ve been using Snapchat all wrong. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel spoke this morning at AllThingsD’s Dive Into Mobile conference, where he that argued his creation “isn’t a great a tool for sexting” and stated that the future of apps should be ephemeral.

Mr. Spiegel said more than 150 million pictures are uploaded every day to Snapchat by people aged 13 to 25. Although he noted that “some” of its users are probably naked, usage dips after 11 p.m., when he assumes when sexts are sent. (We hope by that time people already have sealed the deal). Read More

Hurricane Sandy

Sandy’s Aftermath Turns Wifi Into Water in a Digital Desert

The waters from Hurricane Sandy have rendered some telecommunications networks about as useful as the rudder on the Titanic. As city-dwellers have begun to seek an internet connection, finding a wifi hotspot has sometimes become almost as important as securing non-perishables and batteries for flashlights.

AllThingsD has collected a good deal of information on where to find wifi in areas where even strong cellphone signals may be in short supply: Read More


Hurricane Sandy Ruined Every New York Tech Party

Cheryl Mills (Photo:

A lot of startups are letting their employees work from home for the next few days because of hurricane Sandy. That’s all swell news, but those members of New York’s tech scene who were supposed to go out and party or sit through conferences are screwed. Tech events are getting cancelled left and right, though some scene luminaries don’t seem to mind.

AllThingsD’s “D: Dive Into Mobile” conference has been postponed until a later date that will be announced as soon as possible. The event had originally been set for tomorrow and Tuesday in New York City. If you booked a room at the Ritz Carlton (looking at you, VC’s), the hotel is apparently giving full refunds and waiving cancellation fees. Speakers like Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy and Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills, will just have to wait until another day to make their speeches. Read More


Booting Up: Kim Dotcom Still a Boss Edition


The New York Tech Meetup is producing a video series called #startupstories. “Failure” is apparently Fred Wilson’s fav. [NYTM]

Sergey Brin lets California lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom try on Google Glasses. [The Verge]

There’s a new digital divide in town. [New York Times]

A roundup of Tim Cook’s chat at the AllThingsD conference. [Wall Street Journal]

Kim Dotcom is winning legal battles left and right. [Bloomberg]

No one on Facebook actually cared about the Facebook IPO. [Buzzfeed]