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Report Suggests Google May Be Banishing Some New York Marketers to Mountain View

Googlers, living the sweet life. (

New York loves Google and Google–if that locally themed office decor is any indication–loves New York. But from Business Insider comes a rumor that makes us wonder whether the lovey-doveyness will last: A former Googler with sources inside the company tells the site that Google is relocating a number of product marketing jobs to Mountain View.

At the mere mention of such a move, startup CEOs all over the city suddenly perked up their ears, sensing a great disturbance in the force.

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With Newly Opened New York Office, Polyvore Looks to Bond With Brands

Polyvore NYC office

The latest West Coast outfit to open up an outpost here in the chaotic environs of New York City: social commerce platform Polyvore. Their new neighborhood? Naturally it’s Soho, that downtown anthill swarming with fashionistas. While the company has had employees stationed here for years, the new office finally gives them a proper home.

Polyvore, which makes it easy for members to create those inspiration board-like collages so beloved by fashion bloggers and also to purchase whatever happens to be featured in those collages, just topped 17 million uniques per month. Over the last year the company has been working more closely with brands, including hosting its first fashion show in February, featuring FIT alums.

Cofounder Pasha Sadri told Betabeat via email that, “Being in close proximity to the fashion powerhouses of New York was a natural next step” for the company. Read More


Booting Up: Minister of Propaganda Edition

(Photo: Wikipedia)

Wikipedia is bleeding admins. Why? The vetting process for becoming one “is basically a hazing ritual at this point.” [The Atlantic]

Poor Microsoft. The unveiling of its newest Office suite yesterday was totally overshadowed by Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer coup. We think we can hear Steve Ballmer throwing chairs from here. [Microsoft]

At a Fortune conference in Aspen, Peter Thiel called Eric Schmidt Google’s “minister of propaganda.” Fight! Fight! Fight! [Fortune]

LinkedIn got a much-needed UI makeover, and it looks a hell of a lot like Google+. [LinkedIn Blog]

No one knows what iCloud is. [Buzzfeed]

Oh good, another Hacker News Alley vs. Valley flamewar. [Hacker News]