Booting Up: Apple Is Supposedly Prepping an iPhone Trade-In Program

"Leave me alone." (Photo: Twitter)

Facebook is going to pony up $20 million to some users who were included in its “Sponsored Stories” ad program without receiving their permission. [Wired]

Apple is reportedly going to unveil an iPhone trade-in program in anticipation of the new model coming in September. [AllThingsD]

Alexis Ohanian is going on the offensive and denying rumors that he did work for controversial intelligence agency Stratfor despite a Wikileaks dump that Reddit users are insinuating otherwise. [Daily Dot]

According to a Pew Research study, 10 percent use their smartphones as their sole connection to the Internet. We pity their Facebook experience. [TechCrunch]

Um, get excited for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch coming next week? [GigaOM]

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Startup News: NASA Space Apps Challenge in NYC and Outer Space, Hacker School and a Spotify Challenger

The map of participating NASA Space App Challenge locations

3..2..1..BLASTOFF. It’s official: NYC is now one of the spots for NASA’s Space Apps Challenge, a two-day development event happening in cities on six continents and aboard the International Space Station. StartupBus NYC and the NY Tech Council are both helping with the coordination of the event, which focuses on how technology can address problems with minimal resources in creative and innovative ways. Register here.

SPLISH SPLASH. Don’t you hate it when all your friends get into a band you’ve already been sick of for weeks? You tried to spread the good sonic vibrations early on but to no avail—the world simply wasn’t quite ready for that new fangled rock ‘n’ roll music. But that’s not a problem anymore. Splash.FM, a new social music platform, will make sure you get the credit for discovering a band before they were cool. Splash.FM has been in private beta since Jan. 16 and is preparing to go live publicaly on April 17th. Like on Spotify, users can follow friends, search for and stream songs and make recommendations for friends—called “splashing.” Beyond that users will be be able to see what songs are trending among their friends and assign “splash scores” to rate other’s music discovery skills. It’s an official hipster socreboard! Splash.FM plans to eventually allow artists and labels into their analytics to see how when, how often and where their songs are being played. Take that, Spotify! Read More