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Richard Branson ‘Would Love’ to Segregate Children From Civilized Airplane Passengers

HAHAH NOPE. (Photo: Flickr)

Traveling with kids sucks. They’re noisy, they spill their gross crumbs everywhere, and they smell. Even airline owner and apparent savior Richard Branson realizes that. In a recent interview with Conde Nast Traveler, he said he would like to create a cabin just for kids so they won’t bother anyone else. It’s sort of like Thanksgiving! Read More

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Airbus Looks to Make Traveling Even Worse With Bicycle-Like Seats

Looks great. (Photo: Airbus)

Since the extra fees, deplorable beverage selection, and the chance of getting a singing flight attendant doesn’t make flying an already miserable experience, Airbus is looking to make it even worse.

The French aircraft manufacturer has submitted a patent for a new passenger seat that resembles a bike. The proposed contraption would have very little legroom, a bicycle-like seat, and a nonexistent headrest. Read More