Love in the Time of Algorithms

Is Cybersex So Totally Over?


Whatever happened to make love, not war? Earlier today, Quartz’s Christopher Mims tweeted the chart above. It’s from the Google Ngram Viewer, which allows the curious and the data-devoted to track the occurrences of particular words or phrases in Google Books. And it seems to show that cybersex–once an Internet rite of passage–has taken a nosedive. Read More


Google Officially Acquiring Meebo

Elaine Wherry, Meebo's cofounder (

Remember Meebo, the online tool that allows you to chat via various services like AIM, Yahoo and IRC, all through your browser? As long as your high school’s IT guy wasn’t very hip, it was the perfect solution to the fact that they always managed to block AIM. Well today, Meebo announced that Google has agreed to acquire it. Read More