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Dead Romanian Grandma Sends Creepy Selfie from the Afterlife

A scene in Scurtesti, Romania, where the alleged dead grandma selfie took place. (

A woman in Romania is terrified after receiving a selfie she claims is of her grandmother. Her grandmother, we should probably add, has been dead for three years.

Gina Mihai, 34, believes her grandmother accessed her phone from “the other side,” and sent her a hella creepy-looking selfie to warn her she was enduring some sort of punishment in the afterlife, the Daily Mail reports. Apparently dead grandmothers leaving secret messages is a trend lately. Read More

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Things to Do With Data When You’re Dead

Can't let my Twitter followers down

Dying in the digital age is tricky, as the dozens of accounts and services someone used while alive persist in cyberspace.  We’ve all heard the stories of Facebook and Twitter users haunted by recommendations they they connect with dead friends.

LifeEnsured, a New York startup with a $150,000 in angel funding (different kind of angel), is focused on carrying out the last rites and rituals a person might need to clean up the stray threads of their virtual life. Read More