Space the Final Frontier

Perhaps We Could Just Kickstart the New Race to Space?

Mr. Musk, please take my money. (Photo via

Yesterday, before venturing forth to the casting call for Bravo’s Start-ups: Silicon Valley spinoff, we made a rather wonkier stop, at this month’s meeting of the MIT Enterprise Forum. The topic of the panel? Space, the final frontier, and aerospace investing in particular.

As we arrived, a brief SpaceX video with a Top Gun-style soundtrack was wrapping up. Adam Harris, the company’s VP for Government Affairs, let slip a little, “Yay!” as it came to a close.  Read More

Space the Final Frontier

SpaceX Lands $440M. NASA Contract to Develop Space Shuttle Replacement

That does look a little cramped. (Photo:

Good news for anyone who dreams of retiring to a ranch on Mars: Elon Musk’s aerospace startup, SpaceX, just landed a $440 million NASA contract to develop the Space Shuttle’s successor and get some real, live American astronauts back into space. That would mean, for instance, no more hitching rides with the Russians.

According to a statement the company released earlier today: Read More

Space the Final Frontier

In Happier News, It’s the 43rd Anniversary of the Moon Landing


So: Today’s been pretty crap, huh? The news is depressing; the weather is miserable. However, in the spirit of last night’s event at the Rose Center for Earth and Space, we’d like to take this moment to remind everyone that today is, in fact, the 43rd anniversary of humanity taking its first steps on the moon.

Naturally, there are many celebrations scattered about the Internet. At 11:51 p.m, tonight, Kottke will rebroadcast Walter Cronkite’s coverage of the historic event. Here’s a nice personal remembrance of the Apollo 11 program. Here’s a listicle of moon-related iOS games, because why not. In the event you’d like to feel a uneasy combination of compassion and respect for Richard Nixon, here’s the speech he planned to give if Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin hadn’t made it back. Read More