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Aereo Opens Up With Support for Windows, Chrome and Firefox

Mr. Kanojia (Photo: informitv.com)

Loath to open Safari? Wedded to your Windows machine? If so, a bit of good news: TV live-stream provider Aereo is expanding beyond iOS, to provide support for browsers Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

“For us, it’s significant because it opens up the universe of people that can experience Aereo,” Virginia Lam, Aereo’s VP of communications and government relations, told Betabeat.

“We’ve been telling folks for a while that PC support would be coming, so it’s nice to finally put the news out.” Read More


No Cable, No Problem: Where to Watch the Presidential Debates For Free

(Photo: The Atlantic)

If you’re into bloodsports, there’s another way to watch Obama v. Romney tonight. Aereo, the Barry Diller-backed startup that lets you live-stream network TV, just offered New Yorkers two hours of free viewing tonight from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m–and free viewing for both subsequent presidential debates. Users don’t have to input their credit card information, but they do have to own a Mac since the service still only works through Safari browsers.

For those of you outside Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field, there are a number of other options. Read More

I Want My Free TV

Aereo Launches ‘Try for Free’ Feature for the Commitment Phobic Among Us

Mr. Kanojia (Photo: informitv.com)

New York Tech Meetup heroes Aereo released a new deal today geared towards those who want to try the broadcast TV streaming service without actually having to commit. Paging NYC dudes under 30! (Ba dum tsch.)

The new feature, called “Try for Free,” allows users to access Aereo for one hour daily without ever having to sign up or input their credit card info. So if you start watching a program on Aereo at 3 p.m., you’ll have access to the service until 4 p.m. You won’t be able to DVR anything, though. Read More


Tug of War, Cat Photoshoots and the Aereo Lawsuit at Last Night’s Queens Tech Meetup

Guests Mingle On a Long Island City Rooftop Before Demos Begin

More than 150 people braved last night’s land hurricane–technically called a derecho–to attend Coalition for Queens’ second Queens Tech Meetup at Hunters Point Plaza in Long Island City.

Unfortunately, the crowd of young professionals was only able to enjoy rooftop views of the Manhattan skyline for a short while before the clouds came rolling in. Thankfully, the demos inside provided plenty of amusement, including a tug-of-war match and a feline photo shoot for mycatandi.com. Read More

Over The Aereo

Fresh Off a Legal Victory, Aereo Eyes Expansion Plans

Mr. Diller

Aereo won an important legal victory earlier this week, when a judge declined to issue a preliminary injunction that would’ve essentially shut the TV-streaming service down until a broadcasters’ lawsuit against the company is decided. Not only might the move have smothered the company in its cradle, but the ruling also bodes well for Aereo’s ultimate fate in the lawsuit.

Well, now that one existisitential threat has receded, it looks like the swagger is back in the company’s step.

Yesterday media mastermind and spry septuagenarian Barry Diller informed Bloomberg TV, “Within a year and a half, certainly by ’13, we’ll be in most major” markets. We like to imagine the line was accompanied by an enormous, satisfied grin.

Nor will Aereo continue hiding its light under a bushel. Mr. Diller also told Bloomberg that, “We’re going to really start marketing.” And while it may seem like Aereo is all you ever hear about, despite the occasional splashy party and a demo at New York Tech Meetup, the company hasn’t exactly been making the full-court press to consumers.

Come on, Barry, now you’re just trolling the poor broadcasters.
Over The Aereo

Barry Diller’s Aereo May Prevail Against Broadcasters on a Legal Technicality

Mr. Diller

Yesterday, U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan denied broadcasters’ request for a preliminary injunction on Aereo, a service backed by Barry Diller that lets users live-stream basic channels like NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS, all of which are suing the startup.

The plaintiffs had requested an injunction to prohibit consumers from watching programming on Aereo until the broadcast had completed airing–knocking the wind out of the whole watch-it-live proposition. But the judge’s decision yesterday also offers a hint as to how other claims in the lawsuit may be decided.  Read More

Law and Order

Judge Sends a Heartfelt “F U” to Big Broadcasters, Throws Out Aereo Injunction

Mr. Diller

Looks like even big money and a mob-like grip can’t keep one New York startup down. A cluster of broadcast companies filed an injunction against online TV startup Aereo back in May, claiming that its very existence threatened their big, bad business.

Today, U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan threw out the injunction, siding with Aereo’s argument that its business would also be harmed if the injunction went through.

According to Reuters, “Nathan concluded that the so-called ‘balance of hardships’ did not tip ‘decidedly’ in the broadcasters’ favor.” Read More