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Streaming Service Aereo Files for Bankruptcy

Broadcast networks were pissed that Aereo let people do this. (Facebook)

Following a series of dramatic court battles this past summer, as well as dozens of recent lay-offs, streaming service Aereo today filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The service, which is funded by IAC’s Barry Diller, long butted heads with broadcast TV networks, as it used antennae to collect TV signals from the airwaves, and — for $8 per month — let users stream live TV on their Internet-connected devices.

Networks like ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Univision and PBS claimed Aereo was violating copyright laws and stealing their content, and proceeded to take the company to court. Ultimately, things didn’t go in Aereo’s favor. Read More

Over The Aereo

Sorry, New Yorkers: You Can No Longer Sign Up for Aereo

Out of antennas. (Photo: Aereo)

If you were thinking about signing up for Aereo before the Super Bowl, well, you’re SOL. The Internet TV startup said it’s no longer signing up New York customers to the service because it doesn’t have anymore mini antennas to rent out.

Aereo’s website now directs people to a request an invite if they want the $8 a month service, reports Variety. The Barry Diller-backed company won’t disclose how many members it has, but apparently it’s enough to run out of antennas.

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Booting Up: Aereo’s CEO Is Really Confident The Supreme Court Will Rule In His Favor

Effective? (Photo: Uber)

Aereo CEO Chet Kanojila said he’s confident that the Supreme Court will rule in his favor.  “I can’t imagine they won’t be on the side of innovation,” he said. [New York Times]

Uber launched an ad campaign mocking Lyft on Facebook in hopes of luring customers away from its lower-priced competitor. [AdAge]

Michael Sippey, Twitter’s VP of Product, is moving into an advisory role at the company then eventually leaving. [TechCrunch]

You can soon buy brands’ overpriced t-shirts through a new Spotify app. [Telegraph]

This happened: “Apple’s Phil Schiller unfollowed Nest CEO Tony Fadell on Twitter” [Verge]


Booting Up: Pinterest Begins Its Journey Into Monetization With ‘Place Pins’

Place Pins. (Photo: Pinterest/Skift)

Another number to add to your Snapchat statistic stew: 70 percent of the app’s users are women. The rest are dogs. [WSJ]

Pinterest is entering the travel sector with “Place Pins,” where users create boards and place…pins on to destinations. Sponsors will populate the slots with information and media about the area. [Skift]

Groupon’s new “Freebies” section sounds a lot easier than getting a Klout perk. [Chicago Tribune]

If Barry Diller still ran Fox, he would absolutely sue Aereo for scraping its signals. But since he financially backs the streaming startup and has successfully defeated any court cases against it, he says he’s “on the side of the Angels.” [TVSpy]

AOL’s Tim Armstrong and Gilt Founder Kevin Ryan are joining Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s transition team. [Politicker]


Booting Up: Apple Is Releasing a Free OS Because It’s Going to Make Them A Lot of Money

Tap tap tap. (Photo: Enter.co)

Apple isn’t full of dummies. There’s a few reasons why its new OS is being released for free, like customer goodwill and accelerating adoption. [AllThingsD]

Ahead of its IPO,Twitter has obtained a $1 billion credit line. Let’s go shopping, Jacky boy! [Reuters]

Amazon has upped its free shipping minimum to $35 because they are rude. [CNNMoney]

Outbrain, the creator of those ubiquitous ad links placed at the bottom of websites, has picked up $35 million in fresh funding. [AdWeek]

An Aereo app for Android has finally dropped. [Engadget]


Booting Up: Oh OK, Twitter Is Testing a @MagicRecs-Like Service for News

Hi. (Photo: AlanLevenson.com)

It’s tech company CEO exposé week on the Internet! Today’s person of interest is Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Similar to @MagicRecs, Twitter’s personalized notification service is moving into news with @Eventparrot. [TechCrunch]

Peeved television networks plan to petition the U.S. Supreme Court to review lower court rulings about the legality of Aereo. [Variety]

Asian group messaging apps like WeChat are posing quite the threat to their American counterparts. [Wall Street Journal]

Disney is launching a “family-friendly” music service, in case searching Kidz Bop on Spotify is too hard. [Billboard]


Booting Up: If You Are Wondering, Steve Ballmer Still Hasn’t Left Microsoft

Going to miss you. (Photo: Giant Bomb)

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer released his final letter to stockholders yesterday with no sign of when he’s going to leave. [AllThingsD]

According to planning documents, Facebook’s housing development has an area called the “Quad” and six-foot walls surrounding it. Is there at least an iced coffee kegerator? [Valleywag]

Here’s everything you need to know about those ridiculous 55 inch touch screens (they’re not iPads!) in the even more ridiculously titled “Fox News Deck.” [TechCrunch]

Broadcasters in Utah are suing Aereo using the same claim that the IAC-owned company is retransmitting its content without permission. [The Verge]

Beats Headphones is launching a music streaming service because that’s exactly what the world needs. [TNW]


Booting Up: Tinder Briefly Exposed Users’ Locations Over the Weekend

Exposed. (Screencap: Tinder)

Tinder users’ locations and Facebook information were briefly available through a simple hack this weekend. The data was only exposed for a few hours, and the company says it wasn’t enough to put users in “jeopardy.” [Quartz]

Google is revealing a second generation of its Nexus 7 tablet. It’s expected to be priced at $229 — $100 less than the iPad. [WSJ]

Apple’s Q2 earnings beat analysts’ modest expectations on revenue of $35.5 billion so the company isn’t dead yet! [AllThingsD]

Time Warner, who previously tried to sue Aereo, is encouraging subscribers to try it out if its dispute with CBS happens. [Verge]

Yahoo is taking Flickr offline tomorrow for six hours for maintenance. [CNET]