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Virgin Territory: Why Some Advertisers Are Finally Embracing Online Porn

Smart marketers look for opportunities that other marketers have missed. They try to take advantage of taboos or assumptions that may have hamstrung their competitors. When done right, this impulse can create something powerful or unexpected and usually yield a massive ROI.

We’ve seen it a bunch of times. Someone will use social media in some new way (Old Spice). Someone will take advantage of late night television ads in some new way (Snuggie). Someone will take advantage of celebrities or quirky news stories. (Remember Read More

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Wow, Your ROI Is Huge: Advertisers Finally Turned On to Porn Sites

(Photo: Eat24)

Prudish and old fashioned advertisers have traditionally eschewed advertising on porn websites out of fear of tarnishing their brands or turning away more staid clientele. But with the fact that porn accounts for 30 percent of all web traffic–and advertising on porn sites is much, much cheaper than running banner ads on places like Google–a handful of pioneering companies have taken to slipping into virgin territory by placing their ads alongside videos of people banging. Read More


Facebook Blocks Ad for Showing Majestic Boobies

Boobies, you guys! (Photo: Getty)

Facebook has no patience for boobies–not even the feathered kind. The social media site reportedly took immediate action after the Christmas Island Tourism Board posted an ad for its annual Bird’n’Nature Week that read: “Some gorgeous shots here of some juvenile boobies.”

Of course, ornithologists and casual weekend bird-watchers alike know that “boobies”—besides being, you know, boobies—are also a type of goofy-looking bird found on islands and along coastlines, including on Christmas Island, a small Australian territory in the Indian Ocean. Read More

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Don Draper Is Dead: Why Growth Hack Marketing Is Advertising’s Last Hope

We have a certain image of what great marketers should look like. David Ogilvy with his pipe, Don Draper with his whiskey, Alex Bogusky on the cover of Fast Company.

Of course, each of these embodied their own era in their own way. But look at the last crop of billion-dollar brands, which in the last half-decade rose from nothing to ubiquity: Facebook, Zappos, Airbnb, Square, Uber, Evernote, Spotify, Twitter, Dropbox.

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